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define me in any way you know how.


Nomz and I at the Enmore Theatre during the intermission for Jo Koy’s comedy skit.

Yours truly, Mr. Jo Koy. HILARIOUS comedian, even more so than Russell Peters!
– “Moof it”
– “It’s mooooooooooooove you fkn idiot!”
– JK.

We got an autographed dvd and tshirt! =P

Apple store! It’s humungo and really snazzy.

Walked by the harbour whilst heading to ‘Pancakes On The Rocks’. So pretty!

This is what we ordered, a ‘Devils Delight’. Was pretty goooooooooood, and I saw an… E lister celebrity, not even. Hahah Marcus, a contestant from SYTYCD Australia.

I need a better camera, these pics don’t do any justice at all.

Strathfield Square cafe; funny and entertaining korean waiter! =P Awesome teacup huh?

We may be heading out to Max Brenners soon. WOOHOOOO!

Went to Glebe Markets last week, absolute love. And as per usual, Sunday’s are grocery days. =P

Have a lovely weekend ya’ll!



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