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Accorde Moi

Good morning!

What not to do, sleep late on a week night.. especially if you have work the next day. Hahah, went out to a cafe last night: “Bar Italia” for dessert. YUM.. gelato.. bad in that it counteracted my pilates workout.. BOO! We sat outside at the back which looked like a mini rainforest or jungle – great photo opportunites… the back area reminds me of Elephant Walk in Adelaide heaps.. Didn’t take any photos so bleh.. haha It’s only Wednesday, the week is half way through! YAY, looking forward to the weekenddddddddddd. OH YEAH, it’s confirmed! I’m coming home for Christmas and New Years, so schedule me in! Hahaha, I reckon Adel is gonna be a ghost town considering that many, if not ALL of Adelaide is going to Melb for the sensations thingo majiggo.. oh funky english, ok back to work, speak to ya’ll soon.



One response to “Accorde Moi

  1. Krystle November 6, 2008 at 08:52

    I’ll be intercountry for New Year, YAY! But I’ll miss D, BOO!
    I reserve a vist during your earlier return!
    And in typing this I have fillfilled my commenting obligations XD

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