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Sounds like moo

Hooray for Friday! This week actually flew by, which is quite a relief! I think Melb Cup helped… good luck for your exams tomorrow Nghi! I know you can do it =)

Pics to share… my new baby cousin: Christina
Henry and Christina

Does this look good? Of course it does! You know it tastes good cause I made it.. hahaha

An inhouse calendar that I got to work on is finally printed! YAY! We still need to get plastic cases in so we can put the place cards in and let them sit on our desks at work or home. I like I like and will try my best to get many sets as possible to hand them out! HAHAHAH, photographs are taken by staff members- I managed to get 5 of my photos in! WOOT.

Any plans on the weekend? Studying I assume, good luck, fighting! <== HAHAH!


One response to “Sounds like moo

  1. Krystle November 7, 2008 at 07:54

    I can tell which photos are yours! Nicely done XD A lil’ bit of Adelaide all the way in Sydney, Rotunda style!

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