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Don’t Hold Back–I

Hooray for Friday!

The agenda was: dinner, go watch the free concert featuring The Potbelleez and Paris Wells and have a browse through the midnight markets by the rocks… unfortunately, the Sydney weather wasn’t too kind and it rained! BOO.

Mmmm.. Japanese food! Those chu hais were pure awesomeness!

Peach chu hai!

The Potbelleez.. we only stayed for 3 minutes – if even. Was too wet.

Standing on a glass pane above rocks in some pub place.

See how far we had to walk for coffee?!?!

Passionfruit sorbet.

Broadway; where Nomz work place is.


Come Saturday; DFO (Direct Factory Outlet), lunch and Glebe Markets.

Funky, artsy photo frames.

Random Santa on the side of the road.




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