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Anything At All

What a massive week… I’m suffering from multiple ‘sleep deprived’ hangovers from this week. Hectic!

Saturday: Hung arrives, we go to K. Bedtime: 4am?

Sunday: Cafe and tennis. Bedtime: 12am?

Monday: A night in playing Chinese chess then heading off to the Burwood RSL Club for coffee. This night butchered me at work the next day! Bedtime: somewhere around 4am o.O

Tuesday: Yum cha, Max Brenners and playing cards at home. I was the only one at work this day. Bedtime: 12am.

Wednesday: Pancake House by The Rocks, encountered with lots and LOTS OF HEAVY rain. On the way home, part of the road was flooded so we took a detour on a footpath =P. Bedtime: 2am.

Thursday: Karaoke at K Lounge. Bedtime: 3am.

Friday: HELLO FRIDAYYYYYY! I’m so dead-ed as dead-ed as can be. We’re having dinner and going out afterwards? I should really take a power nap once I get home from work today. Bedtime: ….?

More piccies to come when I am functioning properly to upload them..

Have a great weekend everyone, I’ll be seeing you next week for a barbieeeeeee.



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