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Monthly Archives: December 2008

That’s the way…

Nomz at work.

Welcome to Bondi Junction! MASSIVE shopping centre.. o.O

Aww.. Blossom is too cute.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a happy new year!!!!




Fuck, I could have died today. Quite literally.

I love you all. xoxo


Take It

Argh, i’m so tired, which is no surprise really.

We ate out all weekend, oopsies! Habibs for dinner on Friday Night, CeCi for lunch on Saturday, and finished the week off at Wagamama for lunch and CeCi again for dinner on the Sunday. Phew! Was pretty good though. =D

Saturday entailed another day of shopping at DFO with quite a few purchases and the rest of the night was spent doing nothing. Relaxing and resting I suppose and then of course, konking out hard.

Sunday involved me meeting up with Karen for lunch. Was pretty good and comfortable. =P Went bowling afterwards with T and her bros, we got caned hardcore.. hahah.. I almost ripped off my thumbnail too! PHEW! I just bruised it instead.. hahah Yay for the awesome free games, nay for the freakn drive there.. so. freakn. far. -.-

Ok.. should put my head down and get some work done.


When you’re mad

It’s raining in the middle of December…. seriously…. SERIOUSLY?!


Star City

Time for an update I suppose?

Not much drama or outings.. Just went out shopping on Saturday, scored some bargains at the Cooper St Warehouse sale. =D

Had dinner that night at korean BBQ… sooooooooooo freakn good! Coffee and cake for T’s birthday and a trip to Star City.

A winter wonderland in Star City.

Christmas shopping shall begin next week! After I get paid that is, which was supposed to be today. >=(

I want my money.. and I don’t wanna get smacked in the nose. HA!