all things d

define me in any way you know how.

so so so


Got a wake up call at 3:50AM to get ready to catch my flight! 3:50AM I TELL YOU! gahh.. haha

Got to Adel, ate bun nuoc leo at mo tu’s house.. O M G, it was soooo good! Then went shopping and finally got to DRIVE.. oh how I missed driving. Did some shopping and got back home and started prepping for the bbq. Jenn came over to visit and gave me an early xmas pressie from her and c. An awesomely sweet present!

Thanks girls! I LOVES IT.

Then the rest of the girls came to hang for a bit and then went home coz they had other commitments as did I. Went to Thai’s bbq next and stayed there til about 12? 1? Was pretty good, Hung got wasted again and was hilarious! hahaha… finally got some sleep after almost being awake for 24hours straight.. o.O … PLUS could hardly get any sleep the night prior!

Saturday = lots and LOTS of eating. My mouth never stopped munching.. hahah oh how I love food. Took Mr. D for a walk and gave him a new hair do AND a bath. HE’S SO FREAKN FAT NOW.. parents have been feeding him silly..

His most favouritist toy.. hahaha


Had Thai’s surprise 25th birthday dinner that evening and whilst waiting for his friends to come.. I spotted Brett Lee and the rest of the cricket boys walking past!!! I should’ve gotten a photo, but I didn’t. hahah The night continued with more eating. MmMMMmm..

There was an option to go out or go home, I opted to stay home and hang out with the parentals and my fat ass of a dog. =D

Woke up super early yet again, to eat one last time before heading out to the airport.

What a short wkend, was pretty sweet though, back to work I go. Not exactly a fun or witty post but who cares, D’s photos make up for my lame ass blogging today!


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