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I Used To Rule The World

Ahhh.. needing glasses soon me thinks. Getting tired eyes from reading and staring at the screen for too long.

So nomz and dung got home yesterday, hooray! When I got home from work, nomz and I embraced in a massive hug, exchanging our “misses” for each other. HAHAHHA, gee, that sounded overly romantic! The next thing you know, my mum starts to question our sexuality!! YES.. you read it here, she (jokingly of course) accused us of being gay.

Mum, C’MON.. just cause we have no friends, live together, cook together, share the same room does not mean we’re together. Ya know what I mean?

Ok, back to work.. pictureless post.. maybe some piccies this wkend?

Aiming to get my DLSR…!!!! Hopefully soon… donations anyone? Hahah, I kid I kid. Good day!



One response to “I Used To Rule The World

  1. Krystle January 19, 2009 at 09:18

    I did read about your DSLR just like you asked me too, I just never got back to you about what I read…SLACK on my part for sure! There were very good reviews, its just like my camera except a little older. Think back to using mine, change the model number on front and presto Debs has a DSLR in hand! It also sounds from the reviews that canon ironed a lot of kinks from previous models out with this model, so its a good choice in my opinion XD
    Go forth and purchase!

    Random: I bought a typography book today!

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