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Stand Up

Oh helloooo..

Went to the tennis last night! Was awesome me thinks… Wozniacki vs Williams.. Wozniacki played so well, but not well enough when it mattered, gave up 3 or 4 match point chances, and in turn, Williams took it out! Tough match for the girls though, almost 3 hours!!!

Next were the doubles.. but Nomz and I left early to get some rest and gear up for work today. Mum said she saw us on tele! haha my 3 seconds of fame, if even that! LOL. We got pretty decent seats too, and then moved closer! =P Thanks K!

Much to my horror early this morning, K msgs me and informs me that Tsonga AND Djokovic is playing tonight.. TONIGHT!!!!! GAHHHHH.. and I missed outttttt.. sigh… I’d go again if I had the moolah! But I’m so tight on cash.. makes me sad really. However, if Tsonga AND Djokovic make it to the semis and it’s a night match, I may just go again… I’d fork it out.. hell yes I would! LOL.

Photos to come! Back to work… BLAH!



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