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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Can’t wait

1230PM on a Friday! You know what that means? It’s just about lunch time! And I’m so freakn hungry too.. gahhhh! What did I bring for lunch today? Well, nothing.. well not nothing, just a salad and a sandwich with some oh so good – vegemite! But, I am buying lunch for the. first. time. at work! Hello Thai Beef Salad here I come. You better satisfy my hunger needssss! =D


Lunch = over.
Verdict? $7.50 for a thai beef salad and rice, was ok. Beats eating Macca’s I suppose. HECK, a Tay Do banh mi heo quay would satisfy me even more and it’s a fraction of the price! Drools.. banh mi heo quay.. shit me.. now that’s a worthy lunch!

Just cause I can… SO. FREAKN. CUTE!

Cinderella, a British piglet, won’t walk through mud unless she is wearing her specially adapted Wellington boots. The little piggy lives with owners and pig farmers Debbie and Andrew Keeble.
(Ross Parry Agency )

This is one of three hedgehogs born May 7, 2008, a month before their due date. The momma hedgehog gave birth to the triplets a day after she was found starving underneath a shed in Britain.
(Steven Haywood/SWNS.COM)




Asparagus anyone? =P

Asparagus caramelised with oyster sauce.

Was it good? Damn right it was!

Do you have a favourite veggie? Carrots? Bok Choy? Corn? Eggplant? Pumpkin? Mmmm. roasted pumpkin…

All this food talk and it’s only 940AM… this is not good for my concentration levels!



News flash!

McDreamy quits Greys! Dun dun dun!!


Rainy Days

Ooh.. look what I found on my USB stick.. piccies from Kuleto’s!

Cocktails galoreeeeeee! Yum yum.. they average around $15 for a drink (from memory). Each drink is a hit or miss methinks, but they are pretty yuumy.. unfortunately for me, the two I ordered were a bit on the … “heavy” alcoholic side. =P

Ta da! One of my creations, all thanks to my mother’s teachings bestowed upon me!
Vietnamese salmon simmered in caramel sauce aka ca kho.



It was JUST too cute.. I had to post it. Bedtime for Igor.

1. 2. 3. AWWWWW!