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Wow, it’s been 2 weeks since the AO started. How fast was that? Tonight, epic match, well at least that’s what I envision it to be. Federer vs Nadal.. GO TMF! Make it 14!! The semis between Nadal and Verdasco was quite an epic match too, no doubt the epic match of the tournament this year, but it will also go on my list of epic matches EVER, joining the ranks of wimby 08 nadal def fed in 5 sets and of course, semis ao 05 safin def fed in 5 sets to later take out the tournament (yay!). The main derivitive is of course, TMF and/or Nadal. Greatest and most talented tennis player to date (TMF that is, with Nadal following in suit! 22yo with 6 GS’s to his name!)!

So yesterday night was the AO women’s final, first twilight match and I was expecting a slug fest, a major battle between Safin’s little sister Safina and Serena Williams. We headed out to Circular Quay to the tennis live site and watch it there on the big screen. I was definitely getting excited, but then… wham, bam, good night ma’am! 22 minutes fly by and williams bagels Safina. WTF? You’ve got to be kidding me. Seriously!?!?!?!? Before I knew it, the match was over in less than an hour. You call this a final? It was more like a first round beating. Highly disappointed, I was, but I got over it quickly. Williams was on her game, she played her shots and she didn’t let Safina get into the points. At. All. Congrats on her 10th major! Quite an achievement. Safina has obviously a bright future ahead of her, so vamos!!

Since the match wrapped up so early, Nomz and I decided to go by The Rocks and grab a bite to eat. On our way we saw the Millenium cruise liner docked by the harbour. The liner was HUGE, MASSIVE. Such a beaut! Snaps to follow of course. Ordered the usual at Pancakes by the Rocks; chicken and bacon pizza, however it didn’t taste as good as the first time we had it. Bleh~

We then went to pick Ips up and went walkies down by the Darling Harbour for some coffee and for me to go photography mad. Such a beautiful view and a lovely night!

Circular Quay live site.

Patrons at Pancakes by the Rocks.

George St.

GO TMF! 14! 14! 14! =D



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