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It’s Friday! I am happy to say I had a lovely and mellow week at work, thanks to the secret. I’m still waiting for my camera to fall out of the sky! Hhaahha

Tomorrow is the day full of flowers, roses, reds, pinks, hearts, bears, chocolates, balloons, gifts, squeals, sweet nothings fill the air, couples, and of course.. love. Eww. Oops, sorry but c’mon. Hallmarks day to rack in all the moolah from love birds around the world. What a waste of paper! And money..!! A day dedicated to love? If you’re with someone, you don’t need a DAY to show them you love them, it should be everyday, comprehendo? hahah blah blah blah..

So what are you doing tomorrow? And not because it’s V-day, but because it’s the freakn weekend! Yay, I’m gonna sit at a park and throw rocks at people. Seriously.



One response to “Un-what

  1. Krystle February 14, 2009 at 21:10

    My v-tines day consisted of 1 count of seeing a movie with my Mum and Nan, 1 count of watching a DVD and 1 count of painting the walls of my new study, one wall is vermilion (crimson) and the other three are grey granite (light grey).

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