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Yum Cha in China Town – Sydney

Ahhh.. I was meaning to blog on Sunday or Monday (yesterday) at the latest.. but was busy and all that not so good stuff happened in between.
Weekend was GREAT! Had no set plans but we still managed to “do” something different.

Saturday entailed a yum cha lunch and instead of going to Cab, Nomz left it up to me to find a “good” yum cha place. This is when google comes to play and becomes your best friend! After a little time researching, Regal on the corner of Sussex and Liverpool St in the city was my pick after reading some raving reviews. Expectations were high and I was damn hungry too.

Prawn balls covered in croutons; Siu Mai

Rice noodles with prawn filling; Chicken feet in black bean sauce

and last but definitely not least, HAR GAO! Yum Cha is not yum cha without these babies!


We also had dessert, mango pudding which was ok, MINUS the watered down and not so tasty condense milk drizzle and mango pancake which was… yeah, let’s not go there. We also finished 2 and a half pots of tea, you know, yum cha isn’t yum cha without consuming massive amounts of tea in between servings.. hahah. Our bill came to just over $40 which is pretty average for yum cha, so hooray, yummy food and not overly expensive – can’t go wrong there. So far a great start to the weekend.

After being rather stuffed with some yum cha goodness, we went walkies and just explored the city as well as doing some grocery shopping in Paddy’s Market. Fruit and veggies were generally really cheap, but herbs and salads were on the expensive side. =D

World Square and their pretty lights. oooooOOOhhh..

We had lunch, that leaves dinner and still no plans. What to do whilst not spending any money or very little money AND of course, what to eat?

Easy! Make Nomz fav korean dish: Dukbokgi and staying in watching the rest of Bravo’s “Top Chef”.

Success! Nomz had spice overdose. Oops! Hahahha


And then it was Sunday! NOOOO! Halfway through the weekend ALREADY!

Nomz took Ips to Sydney Olympic Park to practise driving and I decided to tag along and hopefully get some exercise while I was there.

Sydney Olympic Park is… MASSIVE. HUMUNGO. WTF?

Hahaha, yeah, it was pretty HUGE. I got dropped off at ONE END of the boulevard and walked/ran to the OTHER END whilst exploring the stadiums and sporting facilities and then went back the the ORIGINAL END…. and then.. hahahah, tried to go back to the other end.. are you following me thus far? (I went from east to west, west to east, and then east to mid west. Capiche?) I was getting cultured. Ha! Acer Arena, I’ll be seeing you soon for Cold Play! And ANZ, wow. And then there was all these totem pole thingos with ALL Australian athelete names that competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. (I’m assuming that they were all the Aussie atheletes.) Some poles were special with records, news articles, a basketball ring, faux grass from the tennis court, a hollow pole with the 2000 Olympic torch, etc, etc. There was also this hub admidst all the poles, more like an Entertainment hub with screens and speakers surrounding the roof of the dome. Oooohhh!

Sydney Olympic Park is like your sports village. You got your aquatic centre, tennis courts, golfing range, biking trails, stadiums, basketball court etc etc. I like I like!

The east end.. well I’m calling it the east end so it’s easier to decipher my ramblings. =D See that road that goes to like.. NO WHERE. Yup, I walked/ran that whole thing, and back too! My legs.. wait my body ached like no other yesterday. Gahh! ahahha I better have burnt off most of the food I ate on Saturday.. hahaha

I wouldn’t be D if I didn’t check out the tennis courts! A pity you can’t see much here.

Totem poles

The entertainment hub with screens and speakers… oh heaven!

To end the day off, we went to have coffee at The Fair Trade Coffee Company located on Glebe Point Road. Will I be going back? I don’t think so. Service wasn’t that great and it was kinda.. icky. >.<

Affogato! San Churro still tops my list thus far.

Enough rambling, to end things off, some of my home made cuisine dishes.. haha

Pork in plum sauce. No finished product piccie.

Red Curry Chicken; Green! I love colour in my food, especially green. Bokchoy in oyster sauce.



2 responses to “Yum Cha in China Town – Sydney

  1. Krystle February 26, 2009 at 08:17

    You my friend can cook for me any time! In fact you can cook for me all the time! Looks so good. I’m very impressed with your culinary skill XD

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