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Girls on the Dance Floor

Another weekend already?! *groans*

It’s Monday morning and I’m suffering from Mondayitis FOR SURE! Needing some much needed sleep methinks!

Let’s see.. Saturday entailed Future Music Festival down Randwick racecourse.. thanks Nomz for the ticks! Love you long time! My first festival ever.. it was.. pretty hectic. It was aiight, missed our on N.E.R.D, was covered in dirt by nights end, but we got to see Basement Jaxx! They were pretty nifty. Got groped on the bottom >=( the bastard deserved my verbal abuse. Shouldah punched/slapped him one too.. DAHGDAKGAKJGVNCKS!!! And got squished to death when we were waiting for the bus. SYDNEY PATRONS ARE FREAKN RUDE AND NARKY AND UNRULY AND ROUGH AND MEAN.. never going to overly crowded places. EVER. AGAIN. Especially when they’re going to be drunkards and high, delirious drug heads. PSHHHH…

Sunday was a more.. quiet affair but was pretty choc-ablock! Grocery shopping as per usual… hooray to pork bun rolls! OH MAH GODDDD.. hahah

Drove to Castle Hill to pick up Hungs turbo, was expecting a lengthy ride, packed snacks and water but it was a lot shorter than expected.. haha, THEN Nomz got us (Danny-Noms workmate and I) a PATBINGSOO and coffees. PATBINGSOO, omg, HEAVEN!!!! =D YUM YUM.. Photo to come next time I get anudda one! I like, I like. Hahah.. and then that was it.

Got home, dinner and tv and it’s Monday again. The first Monday for Autumn.. YAY. Have a swell week my friends!



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