all things d

define me in any way you know how.


First off.. RIP S.H. You will be missed.


Ticketek was traffic jammed come 900AEST today cause of the Sound Relief concert for the Victorian Fire victims.. and guess what?! We got 3 tickets (Nomz, Teresa and Moi), YAYYY. A pretty nifty line up too! Most notably, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Jet, The Presets, Little Birdy and more, much much more. Too bad Kings of Leon and JACK JOHNSON is in Melb instead.. but all good.. WOOHOO, we get a taste test of Coldplay before the concert the day after! Mwahah.. totally psyched!

Hrms.. I had an itch to bake last night, so I made a blueberry cake with some crumble on top. MmmMMM.. success! Pics to come from my dodgy camera… and on the topic of cameras.. camera shopping this week!! MWAHAHA, hoping to FINALLY score one. Aiight, should head back to work.. LOL.

Mid week everyone!



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