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Dong Ba – Cab

It’s a public holiday today.. well for everyone back home in Adel! =(

I’m stuck at my desk at work.. BOOO.. haha I could do with a public holiday.. really.

Dong Ba
Shop 5-6, 40 Park Road

Famous for their Bun Bo Hue – Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

I JUST noticed that we were eating on blue tables!!! Hrms.. the colour blue colour suppresses ones hunger.. but clearly these people were completely oblivious to this fact. Actually, I was so hungry on Saturday that this didn’t even register with me. Ha! Anyhoos, for all the dieters out there, eat on a smaller plate and to suppress your hunger even more, use a blue plate! Notice how there aren’t many natural blue foods around, and even so, the articially coloured ones don’t look that appetising besides looking “cool and fun”. (Blueberries don’t count for much cause they’re not really blue, more like.. black/blue/tinge of purple in some cases? =P)

Moving on, Dong Ba.. $8 for a MASSIVE bowl, comes out within minutes of ordering and tastes pretty damn good! You can’t expect much from an eatery in Cab with these prices, but you get used to the service and the rowdy atmosphere and shouting and yelling of the workers and patrons. Whatevers, I’m here for the cheap BBH and that’s all that matters. YUM YUM!

After a humungo and hearty brunch, off to get some asian dessert that I have been craving for a while!

OMG, the choices! ; Jellies, fruits, sweet beans, and all that good stuff.


RESULT! Choice: Che 7 Mau.. their translation – Seven Colour Combination.. RIGHT.. Literal translation? Seven coloured dessert.
Basically, your choice of SEVEN .. fruits or beans or jellies.. all up to you! All that topped with some coconut milk AND ice shavings. Then you mix it up and slurp it all through your trusty wide straw.. if not you got an attending spoon at hand too. Hhahah.. yum yum! That totally hit the spot for my craving!

Did some shopping, put a deposit on my long awaited camera!!! and had a HUMUNGO massive clean out at home. All done in a day’s work!

Lazy Sunday… went out for a teeny bit and scored a 16GB SD card for my camera for only $51! I like that! More food! HA! HA! BANH MI THIT! Or Vietnamese meat roll or submarine roll or pork roll. Whatever tickles your fancy.

The roll was TOASTED! Wow, impressive.. was pretty good but nothing beats Tay Do at home. Tay Do is going on my to eat list when I get back home in April, along with crabs, flan dessert, congee, chicken feet, chuoi chien……. etc.

Yes, I’m gonna go on a diet now, eat like an animal in April, get back here and back on the diet again! Hahaha, I kid I kid.

How was your weekend?



2 responses to “Dong Ba – Cab

  1. beauty in imperfection~ March 17, 2009 at 01:41

    hahhaahahah fatttyyyyy

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