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So I’ve been running on approximately 4 hours of sleep.. struggling badly to keep my heavy eyelids up!

Massive weekend that just passed, can’t wait to get some shut eye!

Saturday entailed the Sound Relief concert. First Nomz and I had to go pick Teresa up at the airport before heading straight to the concert and lo and behold, we forgot the tickets at home! GAH! A quick u-ie, a step on the accelerator and my fast legs up the stairs, got the ticks, got some snacks, hopped back in the car and we’re back on our way to the airport.

The line up was:

11:00am Gates Open
12:15pm Coldplay
1:00pm Wolfmother
1:45pm Hoodoo Gurus
2:30pm Little Birdy
3:05pm Architecture in Helsinki
3:40pm You Am I
4:25pm Josh Pyke
4:55pm Marcia Hines
5:30pm Taylor Swift
6:15pm Eskimo Joe
7:05pm Jet
7:45pm Special Announcement & Minutes Silence
8:00pm The Presets
8:50pm Icehouse
9:40pm Barry Gibb
10:30pm Finish

All of us got SUNBURNT!! >=( BOOO!!
We left during “The Presets” as we were starving and wanted to eat some REAL food and cause it was shatting with rain. I look towards the sky and see the clouds, tell Nomz that it’s going to rain soon and ask if we should take cover or stay out and bear it… she says we’ll just stay out and bear with it thinking that the rain will be light and misty.. if even. Wam BAM, HELLO MA’AM. Buckets of water shower us, we stand there for a mere minute absorbing pellets of water through our clothes before we bolt towards the stands, along with a majority of the crowd. Jumping over chairs, stamping on the stands, weaving through the thousands of people taking cover. Absolutely drenched we were, and then 5 minutes later.. hello sunshine! Hahahha.. grs.. it was fine for the next 2 hours or so, then sun sets, its dark, I turn around and see clouds and rain heading towards us. Before it even hits us, we bolt towards the stands to take some cover before we get showered upon the second time. Ick!

We still get to watch the concert through little tiny tv monitors situated in the stand area. They announced Prince William and Harry and I, for one tiny moment thought that they were physically there.. haha but nopes.. only on tele. The same with Kylie Minogue, but she was in Melbourne. Still awesome nonetheless!

As we were heading out slowly during The Presets, obviously trying to avoid the rain, we are again, belted with a pool of water. 10 seconds in the open air, and you’ve got your free shower for the day. What to do as we parked our car like.. 5-6 blocks away from the SCG? First, we had no choice but to buy flimsy sheets of plastics, aka ponchos for $5bucks each. RIP OFF… grss.. haha ran to the bus stop and just bus it to central and figure out how to get the car later. Either through William (Teresa’s cousin) or cabbing it back for the car. By the way, we still got wet, even with the ponchos, just not as hectic!

Free bus ride back to Central, met up with William, walked to Seoul-ria for some well deserved tucker! That was closely followed up with some dessert at San Churro! A search for the car through Surry Hills and ta-da! Got home, took quick showers, and schleep time for another chocablock day!<

Sunday started off with a cardio session with Teresa, that girl is sooooooo fit!! =D DFO and bought some PJs at Peter Alexander, oh how I love Peter Alexander! Fish market was next, sadly we didn’t stay and eat, too hectic, crowded and rather expensive so we went to Broadway for some Japanese at Tomodachi instead. It was pretty damnnnnn good! A quick stop to get some groceries for dinner, home, made dinner, another stop over at Stratty for some ice coffee and off to our highlight of the weekend, Coldplay concert. It was FREAKN awesome I tell you! AWESOMEEEEEEEE! Pics and Vids from the whole weekends ordeal to come, I assure you! A quick midnight snack at Pancakes on the Rocks and home for sleep, again.

Another week of a work, and another weekend to follow. A more mellow one this time around!



One response to “Running

  1. Anonymous March 16, 2009 at 21:37

    hahahah my shoulder still hurts damn it. I’m peeling everywhereeeeeeeee! Well not everywhere! ahhaha!!! love love you.

    OooOoHHH oooOOooH OOOoOoOhhh 🙂

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