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Seoul Ria

Seoul Ria
Level 2, 605-609 Cnr of George and Goulburn Street

Our stop over dinner on Saturday night.

Side dish #1 Fermented beans perhaps?

Side dish #2 Pickled cucumbers; Side dish #3 Chestnut jelly?

Side dish #4 Picked radish?; Side dish #5 Kimchi

William’s Fried Chicken dish.. the furthest thing away from authentic Korean food.. haha he didn’t even finish it!; Naomi’s kimchi bibimbap! Look at all that steam~

Teresa gotsa bibimbap and I got a bit naughty and ordered the Cheese bibimbap.

Our bibimbaps came out hot and sizzling in their hot rock stone bowls and smelt oh so good! (Was so hungry didn’t even manage to get good snaps of Teresa or my bowl! Everyone was just digging in.. hahaha)

Mine was.. well really REALLY REALLY cheesy. It’s all I could taste.. cheese. It was thick and heavy and well.. bleh. Will I order that again.. er NO! hahah But the other dishes on the menu sure did look appetising. Will come back and try something else, anything but bibimbap. Nothing beats the one in the new foodcourt in Adelaide’s chinatown. Unfortunately, if my memory serves me correct, they’ve closed down. BOO!!

After dinner was dessert at San Churro. I went out on a limb and tried something different. An Alteca – Spanish hot chocolate with cinammon and chilli. Was it yummy? Sure was! Did I finish it? Nopes.. it was way too rich for my liking but it was nice. We were all so damn full and in need of a sugar hit that I didn’t even bother to take pics this time around. =D Next time!



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