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Have you got expensive taste? – pun intended

Are you like many of my other friends who absolutely adore Chanel? Instead of forking out a few thousand bucks on a bag, or even hundreds of dollars on some perfume, why not opt for a LOLLYPOP?! It’s probably the cheapest out of all Chanel products… I’m guessing $50 a pop? Someone, find out and let me know? =D

Green Apple

Luscious Lilac

Not a big fan of Chanel? How about Gucci? Louis Vuitton perhaps? Or even YSL?

Juicy Pomengranate

Watermelon Slice

Wild Cherry


So what would you opt for? The real deal or the REAL DEAL?



2 responses to “Have you got expensive taste? – pun intended

  1. Clarzzy March 24, 2009 at 21:24

    oh wow, those are awesome lollipos haha, i bet if you melt it.. it would be half the size of those cheapy flat round lollipops you get for 20c ea or something 😛

  2. debbii March 24, 2009 at 22:38

    For sure.. it’s so pretty though.. but I could not bear to fork out more than $1 for that.. if even! Hahah

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