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Quiet weekend

The weekend is over.. already! Nothing super hectic this time around, pretty cruisy (Yes, I know, cruisy ain’t a word, but it can be for this post!) really.

We start off with Friday! Free pizza from Crust!

Everyone busy at work.

Check out all those toppings! You can watch them make the pizza and they aren’t stingy with the toppings either! Huzzah!

Ta-da! A hot Upper Crust Sausage Duo pizza. Was delicious!
I ate half the pizza once we got home, along with some rice and thit kho.. >.<

Didn’t do much after that, attempted to watch “Yes Man” but didn’t engage myself in it, so opted to watch “The Holiday” on tele instead. Nomz konked out way before it even finished, and I was pretty much calling it a night just before it ended.

Saturday was pretty much chocabloc in that we did/go to many places to do things. Went to Cab to pick up my baby without some.. incidents <.< , Bankstown for some much needed grocery shopping, Burwood for more groceries then home for dinner. A late night snack/outing in Stratty for some Patbingsoo and a FREE affogato, then a small “chillax” at the oh so swazy Canterbury RSL club with Ly.

Patbingsooooo! I demand you to drool.. really! Hahha

Affogato; Cakes and sweets at Canterbury RSL

Home cooking from the past week.

Steak mignon wrapped in bacon topped with Diane gravy and mushrooms AND baked potatoes on the side. Load up on the carbs!!

Thit kho and sup kim chi

Sunday = ka put! Did nothing, didn’t leave the house. Woke up early, 1 hours session of cardio, a catch up on Ugly Betty eps.. read my camera manual, huzzah! and played/experimented with it. Shall post pics up toms or sumf! =D

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend! Not long before I go home… CAN’T FREAKN WAITTTTT!



One response to “Quiet weekend

  1. nomz March 23, 2009 at 03:24

    omgoshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hungryy!!! you got me at that ginger thit khooo!!! yummmm

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