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Babies from MY Baby

Neh neh neh neh nehhhhh~

I’ve been trying to play with my camera with every chance I get, fitting it in after a long day of work, a work out, a shower, cooking, dinner, washing up and then finally some schnap time! =D I still need to give a name for my baby, just as Nomz calls her Subaru “Tsubi” – who might I say, got a very nice and FREE wash last night! Hahahah..

It’s sexy box.. kinda.. hahah

ooOohh, see the colour differences?!

The hidden depths of Nomz bag… I see a Mintie!! ; My old ancient little mini brick of a phone. Time for an update? Perhaps, after I purchase a laptop.. I’ve been pretty much without a “my pc that I can call my own” PC for a good five months! FIVE whopping months, me… who literally struggled for three months without internet access when moving houses.. This is what work does to you, stops you from caring about the important things, like computers, internet, cupcakes and food!

Pumpkin and chickpea curry – recipe
T’is was ok… the apartment smelt gooooOood though!

Vio should have arrived by now in Syd, so N and V should be out and abouts atm. I’ll catch up with them later tonight… possibly some late night shopping?! Oh yeah, and hopefully a browse through Myer too, I gots a $10buck voucher gift from them for my birthday. Oh snap yeah!!



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