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Ferry, Fujiya, Seoul-ria, POTR

Saturday was a MASSIVE day.. big, humungo.. well.. maybe not SUPER, but “eventful”, if you can even call it that. Just a lot of walking and going to places.

– We start off with Nomz and Vio getting ready to go to the V-festival.
– K coming over with a mudcake and a gift – THANKS heaps! The cake is soooooo freakn delish… yum yum~ Nomz says thanks too! =D
– K and D walking to the bus stop to get to Stratty, but lo and behold…. Vroom..!! Bus fails to stop and we’re stranded for another hour til the next bus, but we just leg it all. the. way. to. the. stratty. station. PHEW!

– Train it from Stratty > Circular Quay.. my first time on the Sydney trains.. very fast and efficient!
– Purchase a ferry ticket from Circular Quay > Darling Harbour. Managed to get a few snaps of the view, people and entertainers before boarding the ferry.

– Ooohh, the ugly man at Luna Park! Hahah!
– Legged it through the Darling Harbour and passed the Entertainment Centre to Wagaya but there was a looooooong waiting list of up to an hour, our stomachs were in no shape or form to wait it out. Next destination: Fujiya in China Town!

– Fujiya, waiting list of 10-15 minutes or so. OKAY!
– Ordered: 2 x Chu Hais; Peach and Umeboshi, small Unadon (eel), Wagyu Beef and a Sashimi bento box! Umeboshi chu hai: fail, Undaon: win, Wagyu Beef: major win, Sashimi bento box: win, service: major fail, food: win, will I come again?: win. =D
– After scoffing down some well earned food, K and I walk to Capitol Square to grab some dessert at Passion Flower. The ice cream flavours are eccentric and different.. totally drool worthy. Service however, sucks balls, everyone just seems so pushy and rude! I got a scoop of Durian and Sticky Rice. Not bad, I’d love to try Lemon, Lime and Bitters sorbet, and espresso, and even taro! But the service is so crap it just deters me from going there again. EH.
– We leg it back to SeoulRia which is right next door to Fujiya as Fujiya was closed just as Nomz and Vio got back to the city from V Festival and were starving for some food. I’ve never seen Nomz eat so fast in my life.. haha speedy gonzales when she’s hungry!
– They order a chicken teriyaki and a bibimbap in a clay pot. The waiter was nice enough to mix the rice up for Nomz, win! Hahahah..

– We walk K to Railway Square to catch her bus, we also bus it to Broadway, pick up Tsubi (HAHA!) and drive through George St heading to Pancakes on the Rocks for some late night coffee. Mind you, I am DEAD at this point.. was THIS close to just nodding off at POTR! The service and coffee was PATHETIC. It just gets worse and worse… >=(
– Head back to the car and we’re off on our way home at some wee hour in the morning. PHEW!!



5 responses to “Ferry, Fujiya, Seoul-ria, POTR

  1. Thuy March 31, 2009 at 02:45

    I just love looking at your pictures especially the food ones :p

  2. debbii March 31, 2009 at 21:12

    Thanks! And thanks for your awesome recipes on the Viet dishes.. reminds me of mummah’s cooking big time! hahaha.

  3. beauty in imperfection~ April 5, 2009 at 20:59

    ahhaha pick up Tsubi! hahahahahha!

  4. beauty in imperfection~ April 5, 2009 at 21:00

    hahaah and oh! very fast i was! ahhahah =)

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