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Thursday – The World Bar; Friday – Ivy

Time for a blog update!

Vio came up to Sydney on Thursday last week to attend the V Festival which is held on Saturday, therefore Nomz was let off with a 4 day weekend whilst I still went to work, sleep deprived and all. Hahah, Thursday entailed us visiting The World Bar where they served drinks in teapots! The place was packed, it’s a very Caucasion atmosphere, and the music… well definitely not what I’m used to. It’s more like head banging, jumping up and down, waving your arms and kicking your legs to whatever beat you can get… it was.. interesting to say the least. Got home, half deaded and managed to get 4 hours of shut eye before another day of work before the week ends.

Friday.. let’s see, Nomz cooked dinner, hooray! Veal with prosciuto, avocado, cheese, sundried tomatoes and a side of salad = YUMMO!!

Look at Miss Speedy go, pow pow pow!

After dinner, a quick 20 minute nap and we were off again! Off to Ivy we go!

Free entry, score! A really snazzy poshy place… I like it! Music – decent. Faux pas’ of the night, way too much PDA, can be rather over crowded on the dance floor, some random dude having a drink fall down from the balcony above and having his head split and well.. girls, best to take a guy with you to avoid unwanted attention. Really. =)

Didn’t get to bed til 4 in the morning. Running low on energy and sleep.. tis gonna be a LONG weekend and will be napping whenever and WHEREVER I can!



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