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Monthly Archives: April 2009


Boys Before Flower’s leading lady Gu Hye Sun came out with her first novel, titled Tango, on April 1st and the book included a total of 40 different illustrations, all drawn by Hye Sun. Hye Sun personally picked out 20 of her illustrations from Tango for Gmarket (an online shopping company) to show on their website. Hye Sun’s drawings are presented on Gmarket’s website in a slideshow format with short phrases from her book displayed below each illustration.


One of my favourite sketches from her. Talented girl she is!



Hump Day!

Hump day!! =)

Nomz, Amy and Jerry at Fujiya.

Calpis and Peach Chu Hai.. mmmmmMMm~

Omgahhh~ Patbingsoo!!

Any plans for the weekend? I’m thinking hotpot!! WOOOOOT!


Eating out.. AGAIN!

OMG… It’s undeniable, that we should be together.. …. ahahahha

Nomz and I went out to eat again last night, on a MONDAY night. Reason being, (there’s always a reason to eat out on a weekday, a good one at that!) Amy and Jerry were to fly back to Singapore on Wednesday and they have other errands today (Tues), so we’d catch up for one last dinner before they leave. As always, Nomz and I are faced with a dilemma, as we always face the same dilemma everytime we’re about to go out to eat – where to go and what to eat? It was a toss up between Korean and Japanese food (surprise surprise) and it took some deliberation before we settled upon Japanese.. BUT, crisis has not been averted. Wagaya or Fujiya? Heads or Tails? EH. Fujiya it was! How did we decide? Eenie meenie minie moe! You’re it!

We sure did order A LOT of food between the four of us, fried rice, grilled egg plant, 2 serves of Takoyaki, sashimi boat, salmon sushi, soft shell crab, seaweed salad and wagyu beef. I think that was it? Sorry, no pics.. was too engrossed in being a carnivore that taking photos didn’t occur to me at the time! Nomz and I also quenched our thirst with a Chu Hai! Yay, knowing NOT to order the Umeboshi again, I opted for the Calpis and Peach flavour.. it surely did not disappoint! Heck, Nomz even thought it was her Chu Hai cause it tasted so gooooood! She gots the Lychee one, pretty good, but mine still trumps all. Ha ha! Food was mediocre this time around I thinks, service is again, terrible, just as it was when I went with K… should probably try different other Jap places, a la Wagaya!

After a full stomach, we all went drivies back to Stratty to grab some coffee and much needed patbingsoo, especially for Nomz and I…. craving pangs were out and about, but we totally hit the spot. Should probably lay off on the patbingsoo cause it’s so freakn cold these days… but it’s sooo yummy.. hahaha. Ice cream tastes best when the weather’s cold, no?

After some small chit chat, we bid our farewells and wish them luck and a safe trip home and a possible visit from Nomz and I in the near future.. (like in a few years)! This is definitely a cue for us to start saving moolah! KRUDD, gimme my money so I can use it, I mean save it!

Conclusion: dinner on a Monday night is awesome, cause it’s really a Sunday night and your brain tricks you to think that the next day is Monday again. In turn, when you hit “Thursday”, it’s technically Friday and it’s the weekend again! ahahha If you didn’t get that, never mind! HAPPY TUESDAY MY LADIES.. AND MEN?


Munching through Saturday

The weekends just literally fly by don’t they?

Friday kicked off at 12PM for me.. so technically it was a Saturday start to my weekend. Nomz had dinner with her work colleagues on Friday night, so I was left to fend for myself at home. Me + Ramen = dinner on a Friday night. Awesome!

Once Nomz got back, we headed out into the city for a midnight snack cause by then, I was STARVINGGGGGG. Starving I tell you! Stopped by at SeoulRia for some food cause I can trust them to be open til the wee hours of the morning! Annihilated my meal, rice AND side dishes which got a hefty refill! Thanks waiter! *cracks neck* Hhahah.. boy was I satisfied with that, totally hit my hunger pangs. We then headed off to Star City for some drinks to catch up with Nomz friends who came back from Singapore for a short visit. Didn’t get to bed til 4 in the morning and woke up 3.5hours later! Struggled to sleep through the night.. blah.

Saturday then continued with Nomz having to work, unfortunately when we go to Broadway, the whole place was closed cause of Anzac Day and doors weren’t open til 1PM. That can only mean one thing, time to go eat. Again! Hahaha, we leg it to Din Tai Fung in World Square and I finally get a chance to devour some Xiao Long Bao aka Soup Dumplings. Was pretty yummy, perfect for a cold winters day! The place was CLEAN, service was incredibly efficient and staff was very polite. Not long after, Nomz is legging it back to Broadway and I’m on my sole LMH hunt. HA! Legged it to Circular Quay, in hopes of maybe, just maybe, bumping into LMH as he was rumoured to be staying at Marriott Hotel on Pitt St. Epic fail, but I did get to go sight see, take photos and do some much needed exercise from the food I consumed over the last 12 hours or so.

Around came 4PM and I’m on my way back to Broadway. Stayed at Nomz workplace for an hour or two, clearly distracting her with my LMH reports and ramblings.. hahaha, as well as being hungry. AGAIN! Where to go and what to eat.. again? =P

We head back towards home and stop by in Stratty for dinner. Experimental restaurant = Won Jo Korean Restaurant, a few doors down from CeCi – which have scarred us. Forever. Dinner was ordered after a good 10 minutes of indecisiveness and deliberation.. and wow… bang, bang and BANG. Eight side dishes! Just like that.. hahah YUMMMMM!! One of the waiters there looked terribly familiar! Good looking, broody, needs to pull up his goddamn pants and moody. BINGO! It’s the same guy at FM.. haha funny that. After a long day at work, in the city, walkies and constant munching, it was HOME TIME, with the intention of sleeping in!!

Unfortunately for me, the fire alarm of the apartment block woke me up from my much needed deep slumber!! It was another false alarm, GAHHH, annoying! There goes my plan to sleep in.. ha! Sunday proved to be more of a laid back kinda day, bought groceries (yay to full fridge!), played Wii with Nick (Nomz cousin), whooped his ass in Jenga! OH yeah! Cooked and.. tv-ed the whole day away. Was nice. Especially heading to bed at 10pm… oh how I love sleep.

Woke up today at 7ish and had a mental blank. Totally forgot what time I had to get to work AND it was bloody freezinggggg! Loves it though.. haha enjoy your week peoples, I’m counting down the days already til the next weekend! Wooooot!



He’s HERE!!! LMH ❤