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Jumbled Sat

Top three images: inside Ly’s rather pimped up car.
Left columns: buildings, architecture and art work around Glebe and Broadway.
Centre and right columns: stratty square cafe menu (no patbingsoo there tonight, epic fail), patrons at the cafe.

It wasn’t that long ago when I was counting down the days til the weekend.. well it starts again.. but this time. A SHORTER WEEK is in place! 3 days to be exact before I get to jet off to my humble abode… HOME!! That’s right, away from the hustly bustly life in Sydney, but back home to chillax mellow and quiet Adel. WOOOOOOOOOT!

But before that, we shall venture back through my weekend endeavours. Friday entailed a quiet night in with a K drama! HUZZAH! I haven’t been watching any kdramas since late last year… my addiction was fed this weekend, and fed mightily well too! Boys Before Flowers is.. well.. addictive. Sure, it’s all fake and stupid, filled with naive, psychotic, bitchy, mean, hot, cute, charming, spoilt, good for nothing, idiotic, characters.. and characters who don’t know that THIS is the moment to leech onto that hot fella that’s digging you BADLY and hug him, heck just kiss him and stop tormenting me any further… LIKE NOW DAMMIT NOW! Right. In a nut shell.. it’s pretty entertaining to watch.. some brainless viewing pleasure and hot eye candy doesn’t go astray once in a while.

Moving on to Saturday.. hahaha.. a brief visit to DFO in the morning.. saw this awesomeness.. (<== yay for english!) white and dark navy stripey jumper in Witchery with a sale price tag of $50. To get or not to get? That was my question… *insert grumbles* Fine.. to get. I go to the sales assistant with money in hand and get asked for “nineteen ninety-five”. I did a double take… $19.95?!?! OH YEAH.. score!! Boy, was I a happy chap.. LOL. Also purchased some accessories for the baby of mine.. aka DSLR with no name yet. Nomz had an event to attend to, so I was dropped off in the city, Glebe markets to be exact, to ponder and wander and kinda shop.. if I felt like it. Ha! Nothing at Glebe, so I set off to Broadway.. nuddah, so decided to walk to China town with a few stop overs on the way. First, Bread Top! Scored myself a Pineapple Cake and a Taro Bun. YUM!! Next stop: Sunflower.. I think that’s what it was called. Got myself a Hot Almond Milk Tea (as I had to cross that off my Chinese food list!) which was.. ok. Interesting flavour, not something that I’d go out of my way for, but at least now, I can say that I’ve tried it! They had other interesting flavours too; ginger, lavendar, taro, green tea latte, etc. I was fueled with some carbs, sugar and some tea.. that was enough for me to head out to China town, Market City to be exact. Boy was it hot, crowdy and busy! I managed to score myself a floppy beanie ($13 – SCORE!) and a dark patterned Burberry scarf for $5! Double score! My legs took me around the place, circle after circle, then up and down and all around China town. Funny thing is, I kept walking into little bakeries with displays of buns and cakes and muffins and sweets and.. well, you get me. Hahah.. it didn’t take long before I was totally hammered.. I could’ve waited for Ly and Nomz to pick me up but decided to go the extra mile and walked back to Broadway. (Just letting you know, that’s a LOT of walking! No way was I doing cardio that day). Once I got home, food and dramas were the fuel for the rest of the night, along with a midnight snack! Bad, bad, bad which was also good, good, good. No patbingsoo as all the places in Stratty were either closing up or packed, so dukbokgi and some dumplings were settled on. That and a continuation of Boys Before Flowers back home! Mwahhaha!

Taro bun.. YUMMMMM!! Light and fluffy and a slight crunch on the outside!

Sunday proved to be rather EXPENSIVE!! *insert crying hysterical face here*



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