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Back to reality

Imma back in town after a 6 day holiday back home. Twas rather nice.. a bit strange that I’m back at work really. Lots of catching up to do too!

Starting off with Wednesday night, the night before our flight. As opposed to whipping up something to eat, we decided to hit Stratty and get something to eat there. No prepping, no cooking, no dishes, no worries. Nomz, Ly and I wandered through Stratty looking for Saamnara, as I read some pleasant reviews on the place online. Unfortunately, when we got there, sat down, drank their table water and persued through the menu… nothing appealed to us. >. just get a bottle of rasperry red wine, skull it and scoot out of there! The waiter and owner questioned our order out of puzzlement and.. “are you for reals?!”……. we felt somewhat bad, but we weren’t doing anything wrong AND we did order something and paid for it with a tip too! We pretty much skulled the wine down pronto, Nomz 1.5 shots, Ly 3 shots, me? Took the brunt of it 4.5 shots. All on an empty stomach.

We walked it to CeCi just cause we trust the food there and ordered dukbogki, spicy chicken and samgyetang chicken. Hilarity ensues, I am tipsy! So was Ly. We weren’t even sure how much alcohol was in that wine, but it sure hit us pretty quickly. Gobbling down the food helped immensely by absorbing the alcohol and it wasn’t too long before we were literally stuffed. Nomz didn’t like her dukbogki this time around, fail. My samgyetang chicken wasn’t that exciting and Ly’s spicy chicken was rather mediocre methinks. Fourth time at CeCi.. and maybe the last time too. Time to explore other eateries in the area! =D

After din dins, we head to stratty square cafe to grab ourselves a patbingsoooooo. Twas so yummy! Had chocolate topping and sprinkles.. yuuummmmmmooooz!! Was a rather eventful and fun evening! Finished the night off with some BFF… oh Gu Jun Pyo, do you exist out there? HAHAHAH!

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One response to “Back to reality

  1. beauty in imperfection~ April 15, 2009 at 05:11

    goo jun pyoooooooooooooooooo let’s playyy

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