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It’s Thursday today! It’s been exactly a week since I was back home.. blah.

I didn’t have to make dinner last night, huzzah! Thanks to mum’s stash of food all we had to do was reheat and kdrama the night away. YAY!! Finally finished BFF.. thank gosh. That last half was rather… mediocre. They totally butchered the last ep.. why ruin a good but not really good ending? BLAH. Through BFF, I have found my GJP/LMH. Thank you! *grins* hahahah

Ok.. recap of LAST Thursday back home. The plane ride was fine.. Nomz and I managed to get Hung’s stuff through! HOORAY.. Exactly 46kg of car parts, eat your heart out Virgin Blue! Hahah, a few big and heavy boxes and lots of bubble wrap and cardboard and 2 lil wee asian girls managed to get it from A to B. I like that! Hung was pretty stoked with his undamaged goods, so that was a relief!

Got home, went inside, Diesel greets me half heartedly, the mutt was still sleeping then went back to bed! Damn sleep walking dog.. ahaha then went to Nomz house and had Pho.. omgahhhh, soooo good! Stayed for a while and continued on BFF .. haha oh how addicted we were! Managed to get a new hair do, much needed I might add and pretty much did nothing all day. Got some exercise (score on running 5 laps opposed to the previous 3!), bathed and gave Diesel a new do and lazed around. Hit the sack at 10ish.. was pretty knackered by then. GAH!

It didn’t take long before I trashed my room again. Ha!

Blossom, the poser! ❤



2 responses to “Searching

  1. beauty in imperfection~ April 16, 2009 at 01:07

    blossssssssssssommmmmm & goo jun pyoooo!!

    love love loveeee

  2. debbii April 16, 2009 at 01:42

    No more goo jun pyo for you.. hahah let’s start up another kdrama dudes.. or better yet, I should get my folio started.. blah so lazy.

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