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Let’s Play~

Ahh.. what a great start to the morning. Not only is it a Friday (big woot!) but I just found out that our beloved LMH is bound to set foot on aussie ground next week! HAHAHAHAH! After jokingly speaking about it last night with Nomz.. it happened! I LOVE YOU ‘THE SECRET’! Where would I be without you? *HUGE MASSIVE GRIN*

Now whilst I continue off in dreamy land… haha, there are a few more recaps from last week and photos to follow!

Good Friday consisted of more BBF at Nomz house and Nghi coming over for dinner. She gots me baking utensils and stuffies so I could bring it to Syd, was pretty awesome, THANKS DUDE!!

On my way to visit relies… oh how I missed my car!

Diesel taking a peek outside.

Phuong’s workplace.. thanks for the latte! Was yummy~

Blurry pic =( – it’s Nghi bbbb! ; Phuongie having her dinnerrr..

The follow up day, Easter Saturday!

Did the usual, ran 5 laps around the park, went to Nomz for BBF.. AGAIN! Hahaha.. even our mothers are telling us to pursue LMH in Korea.. hahaha! Don’t worry parentals.. we will… o.O

Caught up with C and Jenn that night, huzzah! Went to Amarin (YUM!!), church, Cafe Palazzo and The Bar on Gouger (wow for inventive and clever name). Twas’ a great night overall! Thanks for the pressies girls, I loves it muchossss!!

Sea star, Pad Ka Pao and Snow Pea Salad. mMmmmmm~

Aw.. it’s the little snot boy at church! Poor sniffly thing.. everytime he sneezed, snot would just shoot out of his nose and run down his jacket.. haha kept us rather entertained for the night!

Lookie! It’s Binh and little snot boy staring at us..

Easter Sunday wasn’t really eventful.. went to visit relies, then relies came over for dinner, then C came over just to hang. Twas’ really nice and relaxing.. great to see familiar faces around!

Monday consisted of a Krisbie outing… the plan was to take photos (we did take a few) but turned out to be more of a catch up session. =)

Lunch at the ‘old’ China town food court, which is totally pimped up now.. HAHAH, new aircon system and chairs and tables.. I’m liking it! Introed Krystle to Com Tam and I myself had Udon Tempura. Was yummy, but a tad bit on the oily side.

Tuesday then came around, packing, cleaning, bathing Diesel and relaxing was in action before Nomz and I head back to Syd. Interestingly enough, we did kinda miss Syd. Hahahha =)

Phew, now that was Adel in a nutshell!! Back to reality, and work, and maybe stalking LMH. How goes it?



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