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Tangled lines

Tired….. TIREDDDDDDD.. very tired… haha..
Not much of a Happy Monday from me to you.. it’s just a *groans* Monday. Eh.

What a weekend.. ha! ha! After BBFing, we head out for some late night coffee. We order a latte and an Americano (cause I’m the experimental one) at Alrose Lounge. FAIL. Americano sucked… do Americans really drink this? Anyhow, we head off to Cafe Ca’dor next in hopes of grabbing dessert, but for some reason, that never happens. We always end up munching on some late night snack cause it can’t be helped!!! Hahahah, we order Nomz fav, dukbokgi WITH cheese on the side, accompanying it are side dishes of kim chi, creamy pasta and shredded fish cakes and a bottle of soju. We wanted flavoured soju but they didn’t have any.. so plain soju it was. Big mistake. Really. Bad. Bad. BAD IDEA. Nomz managed one shot and couldn’t stand the taste so it was up to me to finish it off. Sure, fine, whatever. 19% alcohol, bring it! Hhahahah, yeah I konked out. HARD. I got home fine, even managed to wash the dishes then slept on the sofa. Nomz on the other hand, stayed up til 4AM perving on Gu Jun Pyo before she poked and prodded me to get up and head to bed.

Next morning… let’s just say I wasn’t feeling the best. Slow start for the morning for the both of us. We opt for Yum Cha at Zilver on Pitt Street. Service was HORRIBLE.. like hello? We’d like to get some food.. NOW! Not 20 minutes later, the food wasn’t great and it was rather expensive!! >=( The standout dish was the duck pancake, everything else was either too mushy or bland. Twas’ disappointing and the bill wasn’t a nice surprise to the dining experience either. We then walked off our lunch, went to Paddy’s, Market City and World Square. Nomz scored a T&Co ring for $15… hooray for haggling! Finally, Sunday. DFO proved to be pointless, way too many cars and people and nothing to buy. A pit stop for some coffee was on the cards, which again, turned into lunch. We get our seats at Wara Wara in Stratty, order Kim Chi fried rice (after watching YEH scoff it down on Coffee Prince the night before) and Pumpkin Porrige (and seeing Kim Bum slurp this baby down in BBF at GJD’s work place). Yum and yum!! Must try the vegetarian porridge next time!

Some very minor grocery shopping and in the process to going home, even though there was still some time left to the Sunday! That’s when we decide to head to Burwood… you know, to do something else rather than stay home on a weekend. Eh.. that pretty much wrapped up the weekend… and a new week begins.

Ok, picture time!

And just cause I can. Hellooooooooo hottie!



4 responses to “Tangled lines

  1. beauty in imperfection~ April 19, 2009 at 22:58

    hahaahhh love itttt!!!

    more so ju??? and way too much food.

    i love to love and love to hate sydney for making me phat. damn ittt!

  2. debbii April 20, 2009 at 01:11

    ahah dude, did you just realise we ate out EVERY DAY over the weekend! Oops!

  3. Anonymous April 21, 2009 at 04:01

    Hey Deb. I’m not a fan of Zilver either.

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