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Open Up

Gah.. what a hectic Monday morning. Lots of work, lots of things to do, and lots of things to remember to do… Like what I was supposed to do over the weekend, my portfolio.. gah!!

Friday kicked off with dinner at Subway cause I gots a coupon… yay for coupon! 2 x 6″ subs, 2 x cookies and 2 x drinks for $9.95. I like it! We resorted to kdramas after that, huzzah! I played “Who Are You” for Nomz in hopes that she’ll catch on to it and enjoy it seeing that she gets bored easily and fell asleep in Que Sera Sera ep 1!! Success! I got her hooked! Time to dispell our obsession away from Mr. Goo Jun Pyo. Whilst Nomz is occupied in kdrama world, I turn into Baker wannabe and whip up some Banana Bread! Nhom nhom~

11 creeps around the corner and you know what time that is?! Coffee time! Or midnight snack time! Ha! A pity that most of the places down Stratty shut doors at 12 aside from very few limited places. We order a small serving of dukbokgi and knife cut noodle soup at Mr. Dduckbocki Miss. Kkochi… YUMMOZ!! Then head over to Cade Ca’D’Or and did the wise thing, NOT order soju but patbingsoo instead. Was pretty good, but I still like mine with cornflakes, always in need of that extra crunch and texture in my patbingsoo.. As always, I am TOTALLY STUFFED when I get home. Not a good or smart thing… and so we’ve concluded that Friday nights like these have. Got. To. STOP. REALLY.

Dukbokgi and Knife Cut Noodles.


My many facial expressions? Hahha nhom nhom~ KO!

Saturday was.. different! Much different and low key than all previous Saturdays! We start off with a brisk walk/jog down to Stratty, and I must say I am pretty impressed with myself! I jogged the whole entire way from our apartment to Stratty… well I had to stop at the lights ONCE, but I jogged the rest. *Insert big massive grin* That’s around 2km for ya!! Nomz joked that she should’ve walked back to our apartment, taken the car and then drive down The Boulevard looking for me, all the while sticking out her tongue and possibly honking! HAHAHAHHAHAH! I would’ve pissed myself laughing if she did that, forreals. Oh that funny one! We treat ourselves to lunch! YAY.. food.. hahah.

Hotpot goodies and Max Brenner

Hot mocha by the Bald Man in there uberly cute hug mugs!

We order 2 porridges (Pumpkin and Vegetarian) at Wara Wara since the Pumpkin porridge I had last time was such a hit. This time.. omg, they just totally butchered the Pumpkin porridge. BADLY. It was runny, sloshy and way too milky… you could even see the excessive amount of milk they used… Nomz hardly even touched it. BOO! On the other hand, my vegetarian porridge was pretty yummos ESPECIALLY accompanied with the raw squid kimchi side dish! OMGAH.. we loved it so much that we went to buy some for dinner and general home eating. mMmmm~ After porridge, we moved next door at CC’s Chargrill for hot chips! Hahah, like they say, it’s best to eat junk food after a workout cause that’s when your body burns off all that junk! With some minor grocery shopping done and major ahh-ing and ooh-ing over the korean side dishes in the grocers, we leg it back home cause we gots MORE grocery shopping to do, only this time, we’re taking Tsubi with us!

Ashfield was our destination and shop we did. Once we got home, I got into Top Chef mode.. hahaha! Prepping for dinner – hotpot and a kazillion side dishes to scoff down. YUM YUM! K came over for dinner that night and we just hung out, kdramaed Who Are You and BBF for Goo Jun Pyo! I dunnoz how we did it, but we did. We squeezed in some cheesecake (courtesy of K – THANKS!) and sesame ice cream AND even managed to go to Max Brenners for Hot Dark Chocolates and a Hot Mocha! The place was packed, as always, lines were long and just really really slow service. GAH! Nomz and K got their beverages after a 20-30 minute wait whilst I was still waiting for mine.. HMPHS! We ask the waiter about my drink and he goes off and chases it up for us.. and then… that’s when it started to make sense! They charged Nomz $12bucks for “3 drinks”… right.. Nomz pulls out the docket and what do we have here…. the dude punched in 2 drinks! Not 3! So mine doesn’t exist. HAHAHAH!! OOPS! About 10 minutes later, the waiter came out with MY hot dark chocolate with crispy waffle balls…….. hahahha, thanks and sorry dude! I enjoyed it though. =D Had an awesome dinner, thanks K for your kit, feeding my inner carnivore instincts, cheesecake and veggies. Hope you had fun. Thanks Nomi for washing up and driving and eating.. I loves it when you eat! LOVE YOU! Saranghae! Pwahahha!

The best thing about Sunday? WE DIDN’T EAT OUT! We went to play sports instead! With the intention of cycling we head out to Sydney Olympic Park and get lost and confused as to where to hire bikes. Sucked really, cause when we found out where, it was getting too late and there were absolutely no empty car park! Next option? Possibly golf? Hit some balls? EH. Tennis? Get some rallies happening? AHAHAHHAHA, yes…. rallies. We get a court at 5 for an hour and try to hit some balls. We have concluded that we just suck and should stick to something we know.. like cycling, or walking, or running, or sitting on our butts kdrama-ing. Yeah, I like that one.



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