all things d

define me in any way you know how.

Smells like coffee

Order a coffee.

YOU! What coffee cup are you?!
– Definitely not an Americano or Macchiato!


Nhom nhom~


hhahahh, ok that was lame.. just had a cup of decaf and it tastes… BLAH! What other coffees do I need to try?

So last night was diary dinner launch night.

I was asked to be photographer for the evening, pictures to be taken for marketing purposes at work and to be used in the upcoming newsletter! The pressure was on… kind of, well… not really.

The function was held at the Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant which is surrounded by park lands and over looking the water, and yes, Banjo himself used to live there too! The diary launch was a success from what I gathered and the food was overall, very yummy.

We started off with some canapes, yum! The guests all mingled with each other while I just snapped away. Unfortunately, the lighting was really poor and dim lit and with my camera kit/equipment, or lack thereof, I did what I could. Bubbly, sparkling water and beer was on offer to accompany the canapes, like the garlic prawns — delishhhhhhh!

The menu consisted of a choice between 3 entrées and 3 mains:

Sea Scallops seared and served on Green Pea Puree and White Anchovy Fillets
Roasted Sumac rubbed Quail with Cous Cous, Pine Nuts and crispy Pancetta
Gnocchi with spiced Sausage, Mushrooms, Asparagus, semi sundried Cherry Tomatoes and Sage Butter

Main Course
Beef Tenderloin on wilted Greens and Oyster Mushrooms, Beef Cheek Ravioli and spiced Red Onion Jam
Lightly Smoked Ocean Trout barbequed and served on Balmain Bug and Potato Salad
Honey glazed Duck coated with Popcorn Crumbs on Asparagus, Shitake Mushrooms and Water Chestnuts

Coffee and Petit Fours

The entrée was absolute love.. cous cous is so freaking good, it was my first time too! YUMMOS!!
As for mains, dagnabbit, should’ve gone for the duck, but then I had quail for entrée, blah, but the trout was more than “lightly” smoked, and a bit too salty for my taste. The bug.. was like chutney and the potato salad had this strange tinge of tang to it.. it was.. strange. Eatable, enjoyable, but the mash up of flavours weren’t working for me. Overall, great experience though!

A few more snaps throughout the dinner service and it was then time for home. YAY home! Nomz even made and packed lunch for me, awwwwwwww… thanks for the bibim men! I’m sure I’ll loves it! Don’t stay back too late today, see you at home for dinner…. hahaha it sounds like we’re dating each other no? Mwahahha..

Dinner for tonight: rice with thit kho, bean stir fry with bok choy, egg plant side dish and banana bread! How goes it?

Pics to be posted tomza.



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