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Bang bang boom

Usually Friday kicks off the weekend, but the past weekend somehow kicked off mid week, and as a result, I hardly cooked all week and am missing some home cooked meals. Therefore, for this entire week.. all the way through Sunday, I will not go out to eat. I can’t. I won’t. I shan’t. The only reason to go out this weekend is for groceries, necessities and possibly cycling! >=)

Ok Friday recap… was supposed to leave work at 4 and bus it to the city as I made an appointment for Nomz to get a massage as a birthday gift. Left work a teeny bit late and in turn, missed the bus, waited forever for the next one, got to the city in grid lock traffic, met up with Nomz, took another bus and ran to the spa location. We were late.. oops! But they were nice enough about it, phew! How was the massage you ask? HAHAHAHAH, funny, awkward, intimidating, foreign but relaxing and really stress relieving.

Too bad I didn’t lug my camera around as the place was so nice and relaxing.. everything about the place was soothing, the music, interior, smell, and the staff were really friendly too.

Beer cravings were in order and we were to satisfy them at Belgian Beer bar! Floris Apples were N/A! *groans* so we ordered a Leffe Brune (dark), a Stella Artois and chips with mayonnaise. Beer is always good… *burp* and so were the chips! Now to fill our empty but beer filled stomachs… korean food! We leg around the city and find Madang off a small side street off Pitt Street. Oh man was the line long or whatttttt! It didn’t take long before we got seated and were ready to order. The food was soooooo yummy, but I smelt like bbq by the end of it, no range hood over the grill. Bleh~ It totally undid the spa treatment!

Saw a cupcake store on the way to dinner.. it looked so damn good!!

Chicken and pork ribs… I’m salivating just by typing it out.

I’ve been doing this a lot, and it’s not good.. overeating. I was absolutely stuffed by the end of that.. I have this habit of finishing everything in front of me, every. single. grain. of. rice. It’s been ingrained in me from childhood from my parents. The constant “kids in other countries have no food to eat, therefore you shall finish everything you’ve been given so you don’t waste food, etc etc etc.” It’s not helping me at my waistline and scale seems to be broken nowadays too! Numbers keep going up… o.O Someone, help me!



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