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The weekend is coming to its close.. and man was that hectic or what. A super long weekend in terms of going out and eating out. What’s a weekend without some good food, no?

Thursday was Nomz big 2-4! She took the day off to pamper herself and went shopping whilst I went to work.. blah~ I managed to bake her a batch of blueberry cupcakes, and it was yummos! Mwahaha~ Thanks Nghi for your baking set! I used it and loved the piping kit. I’m so noob at it though. =P

Seeing that I’m generally the chef at home, we decided to go eat out and it was up to Nomz to figure out what cuisine she’d like. She’s just as indecisive as myself and FINALLY, after our stomaches were eating itself inside out, she opted for Wagaya. I called to make a booking, but it was BOOKED OUT. On a weeknight! Fail. After some minor researching through food blogs, we settled for Madono.

Beef sukiyaki, sashimi platter, crab sushi roll and baked scallops with melted cheese and enoki mushrooms.

As always, dinner is followed up by dessert. Even if we were absolutely full and bloated and on the verge of exploding, there is always room for a latte and some ice cream!

Green tea ice cream, azuki bean ice cream, azuki beans and glutinous balls; green tea latte.

Nhom nhom~



3 responses to “Waiting

  1. Island ~ May 17, 2009 at 07:34

    mmm~ that looks yummy!
    aloha from the land of soompi!

  2. debbii May 17, 2009 at 20:23

    ^^ thanks and aloha to you too!

    I’m taking that personality test you did now.. hahah, =)

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