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Almost there with the recap!

Saturday proved to be a more quiet, mellow and low key day. Some minor grocery shopping was done, a cup of coffee and a movie at home. Finally sat down and watched a movie: Australia. Verdict? It wasn’t too bad, I was expecting something worse, I guess all the negative reviews from friends and critics lowered my expectations, so much so that it was good — watchable. The cinematography was beautiful!

That night we went to Nomz aunts house for some pho and just hung out with Nick playing tien len aka 13. Might I also add, I whooped ass playing tien len.. oh yeah~ hahaha! We went home at 1030ish.. and had no plans for the rest of the night. What is there to do in Sydney that’s cheap or super affordable? Nuttin. Nada. So what did we do for the rest of the night? Nuttin. Nada. Sleep.


Sunday kicked off at 830am sharp! Eeeekk!

Woke up, got ready, had my weetbix and off we went… Destination? Sydney Fashion weekend at Moore Park thanks to Nomz work colleague, we got 2 complimentary tickets! Huzzah! It was hectic, fashionistas left right and centre, hardcore shoppers, designer brands, boutiques, clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, hats, belts, make up and even a cocktail Chambord lounge.

Tickets; 4x fashionistas on their way to the fashion weekend event; Nomz in her get up gear; Holly Jones stall; Chambord lounge; shopaholics in the hall; Nomz in the dressing room; bangles galore; Nomz shopping; Mink Pink signage; s&b coat hangers; bangles; Alice McCall; milkandhoney; shopaholics and Chambord menu.

Nomz scored a black Alice McCall vest for $70, very nice!

Lunch at ablaze grill + bar. Atmosphere: EH. Food: EH.

Cheese and bacon burger; 300gm homemade 100% pure beef burger with melted cheese and bacon. Eh.

Portugese chicken; traditional portugese style flame grilled chicken fillet, with peri-peri sauce on a bed of kipfler potatoes. FAIL… what POTATOES? You mean chips?! >=(

Blah.. we got back home in the arvo and just chilled and bummed and chilled some more. Some much needed recuperation was in need, especially since there were more plans for the night. Dinner with Ipsita — more eating! >.<

Didn’t head out til 730pm ish, found a car park and legged it to Satang Thai – the new one! The old one is still there, right across the road. =D The décor was pretty spiffy, nice and clean, friendly staff and the prices are reasonable. Food was on the SUPER spicy side, even for me, but it was yummy nevertheless! After dinner it’s a pit stop at passionflower, this time, for a caffeiene hit instead of an ice cream one… even if the ice cream looked really really REALLY good. I shall resist! Food porn to follow tomorrow.

And that was the weekend for you.. gah.. headspin!

Rough recap, sorry for the random ramblings… have a good week ya’ll!



3 responses to “Nocturnes

  1. beauty in imperfection~ May 18, 2009 at 05:43

    yayy!!! alice mccall!! much love baby.

  2. Island ~ May 18, 2009 at 09:09

    What camera did you use to take the photos? It looks picture perfect.

    Wow, that’s quite a unique vest. I have a fetish for vests. I have like 8 in my wardrobe lol

    • debbii May 19, 2009 at 15:37

      I use a Canon 450D. =)

      8?! That is a lot! I have.. 2.. I hardly wear them though.. blahs.. I need an update in my wardrobe though…. no moolahh, no krudd moolah either. =(

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