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Bread and butter

We went cycling on Sunday, woooot! I said we would and we did, so was pretty stoked about that. It was fun, gave my legs and thighs a workout, accumulated a sore bum in the process and almost took out a few kids who were going against the grind of the riders and just running through the bike track. The views encountered were beautiful and parts of the bike track was sooooooo photo worthy! Must bring camera and back pack next time… seriously, the extra effort will be worth it!

After being inspired from  fashion blogs and itching to create something to wear, we were on the lookout for some basics to wear. Nomz in particular – is after studs, sequins, beads and charms to stick, play, wear and rock. I on the other hand, am inspired and digging the looks of boyfriend jeans, baseball-esque jackets and a pair of kicks. Yes, KICKS! Shoutout to Thai and Hannah with their extensive collection of kicks! Game on! Straight after cycling, we drop by DFO in hopes of snagging up a few basics and dirt cheap prices — success! >=)

Blue Juice Big Bang-esque top — snapped it up for $10!

Duplicated crown patterns with crown motiff in the bottom left corner.

Wooooot! FM-esque sunnies — a steal for $5. Haven’t heard of Far East Movement? Go check ’em out!

Basic racer back top — $12.

“Super-OMFG-I-can’t-believe-I-paid-that-much-for-it” basic singlet — $2.

Next on my agenda, some boyfriend jeans, a nice pair of kicks and some new camera equipment — bag, tripod and lenses… =D

Side note // we got to sleep in, which was sweeeeet.. and a new lesson learnt, if Nomz sleeps in (she loves sleep) and wakes up…. STEER CLEAR! Don’t ask why, just do as I say.

Looking forward to the next weekend already! So what did you guys get up to? Eat anything? Buy anything? Do anything?



One response to “Bread and butter

  1. beauty in imperfection~ May 26, 2009 at 23:49

    hahahha STEER CLEAR, bold & caps for shizzleeeeee hahaha solli loveee.. you know i love you.. alot ….. hahhahaha

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