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By chance

Another week starts and another weekend over.. we’re almost half way through the year as well! Oh how time flies by when you’re having fun.. or in my case.. when you’re just working.. and working.. And I’ll be working for the next 30 years give or take! GAH!!

First off, let me start with… I didn’t eat out this weekend! Coffee and ice cream not included.. hahah!!

Friday was spent indoors so I cooked up a feast – not really. I just made pizza, snacked on cookies and got tipsy on Bundaberg! Haha.. sat there watching korean mv’s, humming, singing along and bopping my head up and down.. it was quite the sight — felt like dancing cause I haven’t been for soooooo long! Saturday was pretty much the same.. watched korean dramas throughout the entire day and ate.. we were on the verge of being bored brainless — you have me in front of the tele — from the sun shining brightly in the living room through to the sun disappearing, moon out, stars sprinkling across the sky and street lights on. And then you have Nomz, plonking herself in front of the computer screen and just browsing through fashion blogs.. endless hours of browsing — a short nap — and then more browsing! T_T So we’re not eating out, but there’s gotta be something we can do. *insert light bulb moment and “ding” here*

Buy 1 get 1 free voucher booklet thingy majiggy down by the harbourside !!! Bingo! We rug up and head down to the city for some buy 1 get 1 free goodies… haha I love a good deal. =D

Buy 1 get 1 free icecream at Andersen’s of Denmark Icecream. N: Boysenberry; D: Banana Fudge.
I was tossing up between Mint Choc Chip or Banana Fudge and settled for Banana Fudge after trying the Mint Choc Chip… dude, it wasn’t even Mint! It was… green coloured ice cream with a whacked up not so minty choc chip.. disappointing! Fail.

View from the bar/balcony with our coffees.

Nomz enjoying her ice cream and bystanders in the background staring at us.. HAHAHAH I only realised they were there when I uploaded this onto the PC. o.O

Patrons enjoying a late night dinner / beer / coffee.

View from where we sat.

Nomz was feeling peckish and was tempted to dive into a bowl of fries but I didn’t go along with her. The no eating out rule was in action and I’m not going to falter now… (I repeat; coffee and icecream does not count, it was bought upon the basis of a voucher! =D ) Plus, after her extensive blog reading, she recalled one particular post — a picture of an extremely “skinny” but “hot” girl where the captions were somewhere along the lines of… “Are you hungry? [pic of skinny hot, I repeat SKINNY girl] Are you still hungry?” — her hunger surpassed her. Nomz, when you read this, stop looking at overly skinny and anorexic girls!!! I like it when you eat out as much as you like it when I eat out… capiche?! The no eating out rule has been lifted for this upcoming weekend.. HAHAHA, but we will only eat out ONCE — plan is Friday at Bagan and cook throughout the weekend. Maybe you can make laksa?

I managed to get some really good snaps and light trails but unable to upload all but 1 onto Flickr. The rest won’t be up until the commencement June — not long to go so keep your eyes peeled!



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