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define me in any way you know how.


Nothing exciting as of late — stayed home on Wednesday and went to get some things in the city as well as grabbing a hot chocolate with K. YUMMOS~

Went to work yesterday and my throat was killing me, actually, it’s still killing me today, bleh~ TGIF!!!!


Random question to throw in — you a smoker? Me? No. Me a chain smoker? Perhaps. HA!

Lee Min Ho having a ciggy.

Meh~ Came across this picture on soompi, and sometimes I can’t help but cringe and have “wtf” moments when I read the comments left by the soompiers, presumably young YOUNG teenage girls. Actually, a LOT of them are so obsessed with the celebrity themselves that it seems almost as if they’re dating them personally! “Oh, that tshirt is so ugly, but when he wears it, it looks so hot”, “OMG, as if he’s dating her, she’s so ugly?” etc etc. You get me, seriously, who cares. We don’t know them personally and if they’re happy, then we should be happy. I’m not sure what brought upon this mini rant, boredom perhaps?, nevertheless, who cares. I’ll just go along my way appreciating their acting skills and have my momentarily fan girl moments. HA! Side note, LMH sure looks fly smoking… — much to Nomz delight! Can’t wait to see what drama he picks up next, hopefully a more challenging role, a character with more grit and layers. Oh I like I like!

JENGA!!!!!! I’m going to boast and say that I have yet to lose in a game of jenga out of the 10 or so games I’ve played. Mwahahha — but then again, I take the easy way and choose the easy blocks to take out. =P



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