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April Fools — a month or two late

What a whirlwind of a weekend.. a great one at that.. but I’m still suffering from the aftermath of it all!

Friday is pretty much a blur to me.. I doubt we did anything,  just packed and got ready for our flight the following day to surprise everyone back home! Mwahahah! OH THAT’S RIGHT! It was my last day at work.. and the day went by terribly slowwwwwwwww! I got flowers as a parting gift and a really nice card, I bid my farewells and that was it – that pretty much topped Friday off.

Saturday kicked off with an early start. Noms and I quickly dropped by Burwood to get some essentials, went back home, waited for Ly to come pick us up for lunch and then straight to the airport we go. We went to Bagan (finally!) and had a quick bite – Hokkien Noodles, Seafood Laksa, Hainan Chicken and Pennyworth Salad was ordered. The laksa was a HUGE disappointment, the only thing I could taste was the overwhelming taste and smell of coconut milk.. Nomz didn’t get far through it and who could blame her. FAIL. The Hainan chicken was on the other side of the spectrum – DELICIOUS, the chicken was juicy and succulent, tender and flavourful; the rice was soft and fluffy and the accompanied sauces for the chicken gave it that extra kick. YUMMMMMMMM!! The salad had a kick in it too, maybe a tad bit too many onions but still, tasty!

Hainan Chicken

Hokkien Noodles

Seafood Laksa

Pennyworth Salad

After lunch, straight to the airport we go (Thanks Ly!!):

Pressies for the family!

Nomz stuck in the middle seat.. mwahaha! =P

French Open! Yeah baby! – Congrats to Federer for taking out the title.. number 14!!! WOOOOT. ;  Crossing the border.

Touchdown! Home sweet home… it was FREAKN cold as shit though.. haha

Mumma’s cooking! YUMMMM~

We both surprised our parentals and they were all on the verge of attacking us for surprising them.. ha ha~ Quick explanations were given, a quick meal and off we were again – next destination, Boho Bar for Thai and Sok’s engagement party, but even before then, a quick stop over at Fasta Pasta to surprise the girls who were having dinner. HAHA! Yeah, I scared their titties off, eyes as if they were deers in headlights, face aghast, constant “wtfs” all around a quick hug and off I was again! SURPRISE!!

The engagement party was excellent! Nibblies, drinks and familiar faces all around. Even a special guest appearance by Hans from Nova’s 91.9 showed up. Stockings, make up, get up, microphone and acrobatics were all in action! Who knew that Sok knew Hans from primary school!

Congratulations Thai and Sok!!

Pics can be found on my flickr – 200+ and more to be uploaded once I get my grimy hands on them.



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