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It’s a Tuesday.. TUESday.. not a Monday, although it sure does feel like one and that can only mean one thing — it’s gonna be a short week! It’s also my first day at work today; everyone’s got their own work to carry on with, whereas I’m just having a feel for the environment, reading, pondering, thinking and surfing the net – with soompi and msn discreetly minimised in the toolbar. HA!

Continuing on with the recap of the weekend that just passed…

Saturday was pretty much covered through last nights post, which mind you, required me to sit in front of the PC all freaking day. Like 3PM – 9PM… o.O all due to slow net, editing over 100+ raw files and uploading over 200 photos AND blogging and attempting to peruse through twitter updates – which in my case – didn’t even happen. Ah well – I did manage to update my twitter status… that’s the extent of my twitter activity yesterday.. and possibly today too, we’ll see.

Sunday started off with the parentals and a visit to the local Chinese temple to burn incense for my grandma, a visit to the fish factory and asian grocers in order to concoct up some lovely food (so I can hoard back to Syd and won’t have to cook for the next month or two, or even five; I kid I kid). Once we got home, I was pretty much out the door again – next mission, surprise Nghi! Mwahaha, after countless “WTHS?!”, I was invited in, a brief catch up session ensued until Trang arrived as they were going out for High Tea — prompting me to call up Thai for a quick bite and chat. We parted ways before it got dark, I got home, took a quick shower before Ci and Jenn dropped by for a visit (Thanks for coming up guys! It was so good to see you two! =D ). Oh, it was so good to see everyone back home, minus the weather and the uncomfortable bed! I missed my room and everything, but my mattress is atrocious.. my back feels all twisted and deformed and sore.. gahhh, I also didn’t get Dung to crack my back for me.. FAIL! That’s definitely on the list for August. No going out that night as the flight back to Syd was at 6 freaking AM in the morning and I had to get up at 4, pack food, get ready, etc etc. Got to Nomz at 430 and out to the airport we go, all sleep deprived and all.. Much to my delight, I finally caught up with the news via the monitors on flight, and Fed took out the FO. YAY (I already mentioned this yesterday, but YAY again)!! A brief nap, the sun rose and we landed in tinseltown – Syd.

A much needed coffee and hot chocolate was devoured at the airport before Ly came to pick us up, and my, was it a splendid day in Sydney. The sun’s out shining brightly, it’s warm, skies are blue.. ahhhhhhhh~ We pretty much unpacked and napped it once we got back. What a waste of a nice day but we were knackered.. heck when I woke up from the nap, I wasn’t sure what to do with the day.. it was begging me to do something productive, but I didn’t oblige.. BOO…

And then Tuesday, today… it’s quarter past one now and I probably should get some tucker in me.. mMmm food!!

Pics to be uploaded once I get home from work!



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