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It’s Good News Week

Ahh.. it’s Saturday! Well only for another minute before I welcome in Sunday.. blahs.. what a day!

Noms didn’t get up til midday.. haha the lady likes to sleep! Today was “Good News Week” day and I didn’t really know what to expect and who the guests were going to be, (I was hoping for Pink seeing that she’s in Sydney for her tour – I want tickets!!), but nope, Pink wasn’t there. Ross Noble, Will Anderson, the main lead from Eskimo Joe and a female comedian were guests… and boy, was Ross Noble a hoot or what!  I think I expelled way too much energy from clapping every 2 minutes and smiling cause when the taping concluded… I. was. very. tired. Anyone gonna tune in this Monday night, channel 10 8:30pm? LOL, you might just catch a glimpse of me in the audience! 1 second of fame – if even.

Side note: Thanks for the ticks Ly!! =D

The taping was held at ABC.

Anyone remember Jemima and Big Ted from Playschool?! Hahaha.

Straight after the taping, we went to grab dinner at Umi Kaiten Zushi, across the road from Capitol.

Verdict…. BLAH!!!! Let’s start off with the cons seeing that will outweigh the pros by far.

  • Photographing the food wasn’t allowed – Say what?! It’s not like I’m gonna go home and cook and plate the same thing. Massive FAIL! Minus 100 points.
  • Sushi on the conveyor belt didn’t look appetising – boring looking dishes, I’ve definitely seen better… and tasted better too.
  • It is a requirement that you remember what you’ve ordered over the course of your meal and report it to the cashier in order for them to charge you – WTF? We only find out about this at the end of our meal, so we tell the waiter what we’ve eaten and proceed to the cashier to pay for our meal. As we were waiting outside, the cashier steps outside and demands us to pay her more because we forgot to mention 2 dishes, ie. rice and takoyaki. We forgot (oops!), so we pay the remainder, HOWEVER, what really shits me is, it isn’t our duty to remember what we’ve ordered.. it’s THEIR responsibility to record down what we’ve eaten and then charge us… like seriously, GAH!!
  • It wasn’t cheap, especially considering the tiny portions that were served… LIKE HOLY COW, the sashimi platter was ridiculous! $18bucks for that AND no ginger?!?!?!? o.O I’ve definitely had better…. psssshhhh!
  • Hot green tea was more like, hot water.
  • Chairs were a hassle to get on and off – they’re heavy and there’s a 5cm gap between you and the next person – it just makes it that more difficult to get out!
  • Wow, that’s a lot of cons! HA!

And with cons, there are the pros:

  • Oh sorry, there is none.

Maybe one and a half, but it doesn’t deserve a bullet point.. the desert was yummy (black sesame jelly and mochi), and the waiter was cute. Hahaha, I wanted to order the Wagyu Shabu Shabu but he said it was enough for people — no way was I able to finish it so took back the order — that is when he offered to eat with me. BAHAHAHAHA!! Cute! Disappointing dinner though.

We stopped by Capitol for a browse.. and OMG, it’s like mini Japan there! Literally, the massive array of sticker photo booths, wtf?! And everyone’s just feeding those toy machines in hopes of snagging a plushie — like Noms said, it’s almost like gambling. o.O

How did you spend your Saturday? And might I add, IT’S SO FREAKN COLD!!!!



4 responses to “It’s Good News Week

  1. Island June 15, 2009 at 00:21

    It seems like you had a great time at UKZ lol and omg, I agree! It’s freezing! >.<

    • debbii June 15, 2009 at 14:58

      Hahah sure did!

      My hands and feet are constantly cold and numb.. blah! Hope you’re staying warm.

  2. Maggie June 18, 2009 at 12:16

    This is a very late comment, but SUPER HAPPY PROPS for cute waiter!!

    Tell me about it, it’s so cold I could freeze my boobies off =.=

    • debbii June 18, 2009 at 22:22

      Hahahah, thanks. Another weekend awaits for some sleeping in and warm hot chocolates and hot food.. OMGAH!! Can so do with a bowl of pho or bun bo hue atm!

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