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Wobbly Legs

Ah crap.. I completed 100 squats on Saturday night — just to feel good about myself and say that I did some form of exercise for the day, however, ever since then I’ve regretted my decision to perform those painful, PAINFUL, PAINFUL squats. It’s Tuesday today and I’m still suffering from muscle spasms and wobbly legs, I’m unable to walk like a normal adult — especially when it comes to stairs! And on the subject of stairs, I totally stacked it the other day at home.. was on my way up the stairs, then turned around to go back down the stairs and POW. Stacked it on my ass and declined down the stairs. To sum it up — OUCH! Back to the squats.. PAIN I SAY! =(

I finally purchased a hula hoop in hopes of flattening down my protruding belly – har har! Hula hooping.. I don’t remember the last time I performed those hip swirls but it wasn’t that hard then, why would it be hard now? HALT!!! I rapidly realise that I totally suck at hula hooping… sure it was an easy task back then, but now? It’s a totally different story! I’m so freaking dejected and a bit shocked too.. time to practice hula hooping again! LOL – I miracoulously managed 7 rotations last night before it just swiveled itself to the ground.. GAH.. am I the only one that sucks at hula hooping now?

On a much less lighter note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NGHI!!

Hope you have a lovely day, we’ll go out to dinner when I get back. Stay warm!



One response to “Wobbly Legs

  1. nghi June 19, 2009 at 23:32

    thankssss babe.

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