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Secret succeeds yet again!

Ahhhh, has anyone seen or read “The Secret” yet? If not, go do so… NOW! It’s worked, yet again.

I asked Nomz last night that if Neyo was to tour Australia, would she go, for sure she would. What would you know, Neyo’s coming down to Australia for a tour in November!! WoohoOoooo!! Jay Chou, Britney, Pink (plain awesomeness), Beyonce, Omarion and Fatman Scoop, Lily Allen, Flo Rida and now NeYo!

So who’s going to an upcoming concert? And if so, whose?! I went to see Pink a few years back when tickets were $80 — best concert ever! But unable to afford for her Fun House tour.. ($150). Will definitely be going to NeYo’s and most likely Britney – I’m sure she’s gonna be awesome.. cheapest ticks for me please! $99.90 – I like it! =D

Neyo’s Australian Tour, pic courtesy; Pink (2007)

I’m excited!!



3 responses to “Secret succeeds yet again!

  1. Island June 21, 2009 at 17:52

    I really want to go to his tour! Gotta gather some friends 🙂

  2. Maggie June 25, 2009 at 14:09

    It is kind of sad that I want to go see Ne-yo. I looooveeeee his Year of The Gentleman album more than I ought to admit to. Nooo inner indie nerd is dying!

    And MEH at Pink =P

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