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It’s You

Another week begins.. work is SO INCREDIBLY HECTIC! My project manager handed me 6 websites today, on top of what I’ve already got… gah.. stress! BUT, let’s not talk about that.

Friday night entailed a trip to the bar for Sarah’s farewell from work, where we all got ourselves a cocktail each. Unfortunately it proved to be somewhat fatal for Nomz, she almost konked out from it (we assume it was the cocktail) — she got extremely woozy and almost fainted on me. GAH, I didn’t know what to do and this was definitely a one off occurrence! No more cocktails for her, beer only… and a shot of soju or two.. Mwahahah! ❤

The freaking lady didn’t wake up til 3 the next day!! -.- By the time she got up, I ate — twice, did two loads of washing, did the dishes, took a shower and managed to edit some photos… Wasn’t long before night fell and our dinner plans were in action. Big John’s with Ly and her friend — I was looking forward to it after hearing how “great” it was, and how “massive” the portions were. Yeah, the portions were overly massive, for example, the 750grm or 900grm steak – holy shiznit.. it was MASSIVE. Between the four of us, we ordered a caesar salad, lasagna, chicken apollo and steak with pepper sauce – and amazingly, almost… almost cleaned it all – which is saying a lot for our appetities… or mine in particular. I ATE SO MUCH!!! The salad was average, the lasagna looked like……. crap, the chicken was ok and the steak.. meh. Pics are far too disappointing to even post, plus they don’t look very appetising at all… if the judges on Master Chef saw the presentations of these dishes, they would’ve cried… especially the lasagna! I cried for them… on the inside. He he.

After a huge dinner, it was time for a much needed drink, especially after a crazy, hectic week at work! We headed to the Canterbury RSL Club and my oh my, it’s so snazzy and nice there. I went a little paparazzi and just went shooting.. hehehe.

Some other shots from the night.

We didn’t get up to much yesterday so that pretty wrapped up the weekend.

I had a dream last night – that it was Thursday. F**K… if only!



3 responses to “It’s You

  1. LAMAHkun June 23, 2009 at 00:48

    Thanks for the comment (: Glad you liked the video!
    I’m Lamah by the way, I take it you’re from Soompi as well? haha.

    “Unfortunately it proved to be somewhat fatal for Nomz, she almost konked out from it (we assume it was the cocktail) — she got extremely woozy and almost fainted on me.”

    Hahahah, that made me laugh out loud. How cute XD

    Too bad I can’t follow people outside of blogspot D: but I’ll definitely come back to see your updates 😀 Lovely photos by the way! my favorite is the last one, I love the composition of it (:

    Nice to meet you 😀

    • debbii June 23, 2009 at 10:34


      No probs.. you’ve got quite the eye for photography too! =D

      Might see you on one of those Soompi shoots.. The sun’s out today, have a great day!

  2. Island June 23, 2009 at 15:25

    I should defnitely stop by the club next time and take photos!

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