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Get in line

Argh.. I barely have time for myself anymore. Work is so draining… BLAH…

But when I get home, work is off limits.. work stays at work.. and the same principal will be applied here too… – well I’ll try my best to limit myself from blogging about it.

Thank gosh it’s Thursday tomorrow;can’t wait for the weekend — in desperate need of a cold beer! OMG.. insert drool!

Had an inkling to do something creative over the weekend and started beading an old white t shirt. I am totally winging it. It’s been four nights of beading and I still have quite a bit to go. It does look “pretty” if I say so myself, aiming to get it done soon…. hahaha

Beaded tee.

My awesome camera bag arrived in the mail, can’t wait to sport it out over the weekend.

On the mention of sport, TENNIS – WIMBY IS ON.. and I’m no super woman to be able to watch it and have the ability to get up the next day to go to work.. blahs.. Gone are the days of endless bumming and lazing around doing shit all… – insert sigh. Unfortunately Mr. Safin has bowed out in the first round ALREADY. What the freak?!?! Grssss… I hope for another epic final like the 5 hour epic last year that I somehow managed to stay up til 7 in the morning cause of the atrocious weather and constant rain delays. I assume the roof has been built at Wimby this time around! *shakes fist* Get with the program ya’ll!

I might take a dive Friday night and order a Macchiato in order to stay up all night long to catch me some tennis.. Hahahah, this is after vowing never to drink a macchiato ever, ever, ever again after an excruciating night of insomnia a few years back! Nomz, you’re having one with me!! >=) I ain’t dying over a macchiato on my own this time around. The things I do for tennis… if tennis were a man, I’d marry him… hahaha – maybe.



4 responses to “Get in line

  1. Maggie June 25, 2009 at 14:07

    Prettyness with beads! And dude, depressing that Safin is out but isn’t he retired..? Sigh, he’s so dreamy. Those 5 hours matches are draining!! If watching them is draining enough, I don’t want to know how they’re feeling out on the court!

    • debbii June 26, 2009 at 01:14

      Yeah.. he’s retiring at the end of the year.. noOooooo~

      I attempted to play tennis last time… epic fail. It’s not as easy as it looks. BLAH.

  2. Island June 25, 2009 at 18:55

    Safin is out?! Noooooo!
    Ooh~ so that’s what the camera bag looks like ^^

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