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Billie Jean

What a way to kick off Friday… blah.

Toonies arrived in town on Thursday night so we went down to Stratty so he could get some dinner while we devoured ourselves into some patbingsoo! Mmmm~

Friday pretty  much consisted of high stress at work and of course, news of MJ’s passing. On top of that, Nomz finds out (through Toonies) that a friend of hers passed away a week ago, along with an acquaintance that I too, used to see around. RIP MJ, NL and AS.

We went to Thai Pothong for dinner on Friday night, took close to an hour to find a carpark… FARK… Food was delicious, service was exceptional – as always and atmosphere was relaxing.. Pity the lighting was horrible so most of the food pictures were… disappointing, hence no food porn.

Saturday and Sunday – PMA, The Ultimate Photo Event; Imaging Techonology Show 2009 — Was FREAKING awesome.. knackered as a bitch though.. pics to follow!



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