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I’m so tired… had an absolute horror of a weekend in relation to sleep. Panda eyes at work for the entire week for sure! o.O

Trained it by myself to the city and legged it to Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour over the weekend. *Insert proud face* I’ve only trained it once in Sydney with the guidance of K, and hardly ever, if at all back in Adelaide. Twas easy and fast – I’m gonna consider myself a pro now… almost.. Hahah!

The Imaging Technology exhibition was plain awesomeness. Cameras galore, photographer enthusiasts galore – amateurs (me!) and pros, freebies galore and lots of informative and insightful lecture speeches. I was like a fat kid in a candy store, or like Naomi being let loose in a Sass and Bide sale.

Pic spam to follow:

Standing atop the Olympus stand.

Canon model

Free candy at the Kodak stand…. nhom nhom~

Home time

A massive inspiration and motivation booster! I wanna go out and shoot!
Did anyone else go? I was by my lonesome self… =(

Topped off Saturday night at Habibs in Bankstown.. MmMMMmmmm.. garlic sauce and bread and roast chicken and hot chips.. nhom nhom~



2 responses to “Thriller

  1. Island June 29, 2009 at 17:48

    omg, did you go to PMA? I was gonna go BUT plans changed and my friend got me a ticket! I wish I went T_T

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