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Black or white

Transformers 2 wasn’t exactly full of awesomeness, but it was good – action wise, special effects wise and Megan Fox hotness wise. Plot… er, forget it. LOL. Straight after the  movie, we head to Lindt cafe (finally!) but damn the 10% surcharge just cause it’s a Sunday! >=( Whilst chit chatting with the three musketeers, I call my parentals to see how they’re doing.. and that is when I discovered that I am the biggest idiot on earth. BIGGEST IDIOT, no one can compare! I shall digress after a few pictures…

Can you see why I’m the biggest idiot on earth?! It took me 5 hours to discover that I WORE MISMATCHED SHOES OUT. WTF?! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA shit me, how freaking embarassing. I have no idea what I was on, but FARK…. that’s just… bad ass. The round toe flats had charms on them but I took them off to look less… obvious… Hhaahah, go on, have your laugh, I’d be laughing too as didNoms, K and Chinga. Stupid me – delirious!!

Moving straight along, hahaha, we dined with Asher at La Boheme – a European restaurant in Balmain – a rather expensive dinner I must add – actually an expensive weekend all up (blah). I’ve never had European food before (Czech, German) and I was expecting it to be meaty… and it sure was meaty.. I’m for meat and all, but hot damn, I could’ve OD’ed on the amount of meat there was… I still feel sick from thinking about the dishes we ordered.. will attempt to eat as much veggies as I can this week to make up for a carnivourous Sunday nights dinner.

French snails in Almond Garlic Butter; my first time devouring these backyard friends and I’m not a fan. The texture is very “mussel” like; chewy and juicy but there’s this lingering after taste of dirt – which I’m not terribly fond of.

Grilled Pork Knuckle with Mustard, Horseradish & Bavarian Bread; tastes very much like Heo Quay, crispy crackle and succulent tender pork, I thought it was a bit fatty though but nevertheless, it was pretty good – super meaty!

Golden Roasted Duck based on an old Czech Recipe accompanied by Red Cabbage, Sauerkraut, Potato & Speck Dumplings; nothing special I don’t think.

Other dishes ordered:
– Bavarian Feast Platter: Chef’s selection of Duck, Schnitzel, Ribs, Sausages with Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage & Mixed Dumplings: MEH.
– Chicken Breast with Spinach & Ricotta topped with a King Prawn served with Mushroom Risotto: the chicken was over cooked and therefore dry – rather disappointing I thought.
– 04 Vampire Merlot, Doc Recas, Transylvania: yum – and I’m not much of a red wine drinker.

I’ve concluded that European food isn’t to my liking… – LOL. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get some European food, I’d rather just cook myself or go out and get some cheap Asian food which totally hits the spot! At least I can now say that I’ve tried it, especially escargot!

Sunday night concluded with chef Chinga making us pumpkin soup, the 3 musketeers having some chup chup and all of us just chilling out watching the Wimbledon finals! Congrats to Federer for making it 15!! YOU THE MAN! Props to Arod though, what a comeback, who would’ve thought that he would get so far and to push Federer so much. What would have happened if he converted one of those set points in the second set… I guess we’ll never know. I hope he at least takes out a slam before he decides to retire… this also applies to Mr. Safin – wishful thinking… =(

The weekend can’t come soon enough! Most likely will be spending it in this week as I’m broke as! DAMN rent and bills. *le sigh*



4 responses to “Black or white

  1. Maggie July 13, 2009 at 13:14

    DUDE – you’re my hero!! Wearing mismatched shoes for 5 hours without realising *hi5*

    OMGoshhh.. Mr Safin. He so lovely he makes me speak incoherently.

    That is some hardcore roast. I’m so hungry.. ><

  2. debbii July 14, 2009 at 10:56

    I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to be a hero for being the biggest idiot. EVER. But I’ll *hi5* you anyway! Hahaha..

  3. Island July 14, 2009 at 15:26

    HAHAHAHA! Niceeeee~ I’ve accidentally worn my house slippers out *whistle*

    OMG, what is it with the 10% surcharge just because it’s a sunday! wtf? I was eating at Rashays on sunday and they had a 10% surcharge as well!

    I’m over Transformers lol I was really dying to see it at first but nah, I think I’ll pass……

    Yummy food porn!

    • debbii July 15, 2009 at 10:49

      hahah house slippers is acceptable, mismatched shoes… not so much.. LOL.

      10% surcharges suck, I’m low on dough as it is.. >=(

      Transformers… haha eh, there’s SO MUCH hype over it… I can’t wait for Up though!

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