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Too Late

Oh dagnabbit! The weekend is almost over and another week of work awaits… sigh…

Didn’t get up to much this weekend considering how much money we spent the week previous.. having said that, we did have a spontaneous dinner at Shanghai Night and that is where I discovered the red bean pancake! OMG, it’s so freaking good. Crispy on the outside, hardly any oil residue and soft warm gooey goodness of red bean paste that oozes out with every bite. It was so darn good that we went again yesterday night just for the red bean pancake AND a serving of their black sesame rice balls. Nhom nhom~~

Black sesame in glutinous rice balls

Red bean pancake

I made hotpot for dinner tonight and we literally ate ourselves silly! So. Full. Want. To. Explode. =D

Hope ya’ll had a nice week, not long to go before I head back home! YAY!



3 responses to “Too Late

  1. Island July 14, 2009 at 15:28

    OMG, those black seseame rice balls are my favvvvv!~ It’s so yummy ^_^

    • debbii July 15, 2009 at 10:52

      I’m in like with all things black sesame, green tea and azuki beans!

      Black sesame ice cream FTW!

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