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Blue Whale

Prison Breaked season 4 last night.. that’s some intense stuff. Can’t wait to finish the darn show off.. hahah.

Spontaneously we headed to Bondi Beach (Bondi Markets) today and the weather was lovelyyyyyyy~ Nomz finally bought her leather bracelets that she’s been eyeing for the past 6 months!! Took a good 10-15 mins before she selected 4 styles that she favoured. Woot! I didn’t find anything, however I did see the little stall with the beautiful, contemporary prints set up and lusted over them as I did like the first time I saw them. Droolzzzzzzz, can’t wait to get my hands on some! The prints are creative, simple and oozing cuteness overload… plus the dude tending the stall was cute too. HA! =P Will check it out next time with more moolah and purchase a few prints for my room… plus I’m still after a brand new lens for my camera.

Master Chef tonight anyone? Hope Poh takes out the title!!



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