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Quick blog update! And boo to no image editing software on this laptop…

The states of our fridge before we left…

Gosh… we sure know how to look after our diets… lol. Those korean ice coffees are the shiznitsssssssss! ❤

Straight to the airport after work on Wednesday night… where we were greeted by both our daddios and dung who also got back from his country run. Arrived at nomis with a bowl of:

bun nuoc leo/bun mam courtesy of nomz mumma! NHOM NHOMMMMMMMMMM~


A wet start to the morning (yesterday)… I do not miss Adelaide weather… it’s so miserable and cold and wet and freezing and cold… Did I not mention COLD?

Didn’t get up to much yesterday, got most of my chores done and went over to Hung’s house and hung out with him for a bit… told him about my mismatched shoes ordeal… HAHAH, he had to walk away cause his laughing fit hurt that much… hahaha and to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, I threw out my round toe flats… just in case! Ended the night off with some hot milk tea, a hot wheat bag (my alternative to a hot water bottle), tv (hello amazing race!) and a few hours spent in front of the lappy… my guilty pleasure!

Today proves to be much more eventful. Went to grab some lunch with Krystle, and with a Sydney mentality, I got into the city half an hour early! (I love you Adelaide traffic… wait, what traffic? 10minutes to the city, groundbreaking!) Parking is awesome as always:

Ahhhh.. hello ticket meter! Free parking after 6pm, free parking on public holidays, 20c for 3 hours parking on the weekendNO you did not read wrong!! And parking fines are only $30… Yessiree! Unlike the $80 parking fine Nomz and I copped a few months back on George St… >=(, $30 is chump change.

Had a quick lunch in Chinatown at Noodle Dumplings: Stir fry rice noodles and pork dumplings.

Krystle enjoyed her noodles whilst I had the dumplings. They were ok, Sydney def makes it better (Shanghai Nights). The skin was on the thick side and they weren’t as crispy as they looked but heck, $8.00 for 15 dumplings, I can’t expect too much.

Went through the markets and got ourselves a tasty treat at Providore; 2 peppermint fudge sticks! Nhom nhom~

Lunch was short and sweet, it was good seeing you again Krystle. See you next timeeeeeee =D

Central Markets: the sun decided to say hello today =D

Something new! A massive screen in front of City Cross… spiffy

The Advertiser building that I never knew existed! SPIFFY! (Adelaide’s answer to the Herald Sun)

Was on my way home when I spotted a Civic in the far distance. Had a sneaking suspicion that it was Hung’s car so I sped up and tailgated them all the way back to their house…. HAHAHA! Here’s their poser: Blossom, snapped just as she was licking her nose…

Dinner plans: Hog’s Breath Cafe



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